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I’ve come to the conclusion that, unless I’m Tanking, I’m a piss poor excuse for a raider.

I’m not sure what it is, but rotations when it comes to DPS seem to be totally beyond my abilities to handle.  Even if it’s laid out in a nice “PUSH BUDDON HEER!” fashion, or buttons are spammable to the point of face-roll, I seem to find ways to screw the pooch and I mean royally, tanking on meters and basically looking like a n00b, even though I know I’m not.  It’s almost enough to make me despair of ever raiding at a higher level again.  Seriously.

10-man is awesome and it’s a total hoot, but I’m grinding it out week after week on my Druid, wishing I could bring in my Hunter, Shaman, DK, Warrior or Paladin, but they seldom get used.  My poor Hunter has been languishing in such a mish-mash of LFR, 10-man and quest gear that it makes me wonder if I’m just totally wasting my time.  I’ve been pugging LFR to try to get my alts geared so I can be competitive, but it just doesn’t seem to be there for me.  The spirit is willing, but the clock and flesh are weak.  My only real hope of a toon at this point would be the Paladin, and even then she’d have to be used as an Off-Tank, because what does every Guild need? Tanks.  We have Healers and under-geared but over-achieving DPS out the wazoo, but Tanks? Man, worth their pixels in gold, apparently.  Sure, other people have toons that CAN Tank (and thank you, Whippree, for stepping up when I can’t be there) but not everyone who has a toon that can Tank wants to Tank, so why should they be made to?

It’s kind of a waste to try gearing Palahitski, to be honest, because there’s already a really good Paladin Tank in Guild (Yay, Kann!) so Palahitski would be relegated to “Well, we really need a tank, so I guess you can bring her…what about your Bear?” status.  My only other options at this point are to either gear out Kuiril (DK) or level Shawtey (Warrior) to 85 and gear her out.  Even then, I’d STILL be Tanking on both of those toons, but at least I’d get different toons into the Raid instead of Dreddnought all the time.  This typically happens when we near the end of an expansion.  It was like this at the end of “Burning Crusade” and at the end of “Wrath of the Lich King” too.  You reach a raiding saturation point, I think, where you’ve done the normal modes until your eyes bleed, but even the added challenge of Heroic Mode just seems like a tired retread of what you’ve already done to death. 

I suppose for variety’s sake I could try leveling some Alliance toons, but at this point I’m thinking of just taking Shawtey out and grinding instances with her until I can transfer her to “Two Kings” from “Gold Diggaz” (though I REALLY love that Guild name and I don’t want to lose it, just like I love “Functioning As Intended” and “Of Smeg,” even though there’s only one toon in each Guild).   ONWARD!


Bucket FTW

Posted On December 27, 2011

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Uh-oh…moar diversimification! Let me toss shammy heals into the mix now…I call it bucket heals for variety’s sake and y’all are in trouble. I’ll have some more updates shortly…seriously…I promise…

You’re not as big of a deal as you might think…

Posted On July 13, 2011

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How does one deal with crises, real or imagined? How does one deal with the impression that you are, at least in your own eyes, failing? What happens when some folks’ interests and the path they choose take them away from the path you thought you had chosen for yourself? Do my efforts really make a difference or not? Does anyone, besides me, really care? Where do I go now, and what can I do?

These are all valid questions, and ones that will eventually need to be answered, but the answers may not be the ones that you’d like. Very often the crises we face are only in our own minds. That piece of gear, this gemming choice, 3 Guilds in 3 months, all your raiding experience is on another server, you don’t have the achievements you should for the gear that you have, etc, etc, etc. I’m not saying that these concerns aren’t valid, but realistically? Yeah, they don’t matter THAT much.

In the grand scheme of things, these are about as important as a fart in a windstorm. It’s not the stench that’ll kill you, it’s the plywood and debris that you’re ignoring because you’re so wrapped up in your own fart that probably will.

I’ve been playing this game for a while now. I started playing during The Burning Crusades and through Wrath and into Cataclysm. I’ve been in a few different Guilds in that time, starting with leveling in “Dude Spooning” and “Harry’s Adventure Co” and “Legion”, got my first real taste of raiding in “Flagrant”, my first taste of progression in “Shadow Council”, “Scumdogs of Azeroth”, “Infinite Destruction” and “Causa Nex”, my own bank alts in “Functioning as Intended” and “Gold Diggaz”, the “small Guild” experiment that was “Deal With It”, “God of War” and currently “Two Kings”. This is on my PvP server only. I also play on an RP server, but have only ever been in one Guild there, and that’s “Stormwölves”.

I suppose, after a while, you kind of get tired of Guild-hopping. There does seem to be an ebb and flow to player Guild movement, however, and as people follow friends and move around, old Guilds die and new ones are born that, funnily enough, have all the same faces as the old one. Soon enough you get into that whole “Why are we re-levelling another Guild when the old one was already so advanced and who’s that new guy, I’ve not raided anything with most of these people, oh, look, Dave’s got his new Guild, we should join him there and let’s bring so-and-so from such-and-such and remember that guy we used to run with let’s get him too and hey…”, new Guild name, same faces…wtf?

Yes, I realize it’s a game. It’s an MMORPG, and people will come and go, get married, have kids, lose jobs, fall in love, fall out of love, go overseas, and what have you, and player movement is to be expected. You build relationships in games like this, whether you intend to or not, and a good part of your interactions in game are based on those. You leave Guilds to follow friends, you run into toons you leveled alts with, sometimes catch people coming back to the game after a year off, or run into more folks that you had no idea played that you know in real life.

But what happens when those relationships affect your satisfaction with the game?

What if moving around as frequently as some do affects your love for Warcraft?

I think I’ve almost reached a tipping point. I’m hoping to find a large Guild that will be stable and around for a while that I can just hide in for a bit. Just sit in a corner and not take up too much space and not draw attention to myself. Maybe level a few more alts so I have all 10 classes at 85 and 20 different specs.

We’ll see what the next few weeks bring. Happy Hunting!

L2English, or “Der phishing scams…”

Posted On August 16, 2010

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Hello everyone, Dreddnought here with the latest and greated in PHISHING scams for you! Just got an e-mail from “The World of Warcraft Support Team” – check this beauty out…think it’s legit? I dare you to visit their site and see how fast your account gets cleaned out!

From: wowaccountadmin@blizzard.com

To: roadies25@hotmail.com

Subject: World of Warcraft Account code protection

Date: Sat, 11 Sep 2010 22:11:11 +0800


Recently, the problem of account invasion is getting worse and worse which cause enormous players??equipments and virtual currency stolen. This severely damages the benefits of mass players, also causes our company lose a lot of customers. Our company has to adopt some measures to safeguard our common benefits in order to strengthen the safety of mass players’accounts, and firmly resist the account to be stolen again.

Through our company’s research and investigation to most of us customers, we will make the following decisions: we launch a package of updated code strengthen system and dynamic code protection card which can effectively prevent the accounts invaded. We will send this package of code protection system to players free of charge. Please open this connection: https://www.battle.net/account/support/login-support.xml

If your account passes the check successfully, we will send this package of dynamic code protection card to you in the form of e-mail. In 3 days after you receiving the e-mail, if you don’t submit your information, we have right to freeze your account, every player is obligated to protect the safety of the account. You must work together with us to be determined to crack down all the behaviors of destroying games. If you had already authenticator your account, please disregard this automatic notification.

Regards, The World of Warcraft Support Team Blizzard Entertainment http://www.blizzard.com/support/wowindex/


Second: anyone else notice this letter is from THE FUTURE???

Third: Oh, the spelling, the grammar! My English speaking sensibilities have forever been scarred by your brute force attack!

Just ’cause it has Blizzard in the name doesn’t mean it’s FROM Blizzard…oh, and the kicker? The e-mail address it was sent to has NEVER been affiliated with a Warcraft Account…

Ummm…yeah…sorry about that…took a bit of a break.

Hello, loyal readers! Thanks for sticking it out with me these past few months. It’s been a wild and crazy ride with real life interfering everywhere I didn’t want it to be. I THINK things will be getting back to normal soon…but only time will tell, and I live in anything but normal times.

Dreddnought, for those of you that have been following his progress ( I ❤ http://www.wow-heroes.com), finally got a look at Arthas a few weeks back, and that’s about all it’s been is a look. It was a long hard road there, but so worth it to get repeatedly pwned by His Lichness. It’s not that the fight, in and of itself is THAT difficult, but it requires a LOT of situational awareness. If your DPS falls asleep at the switch and stands in Defile too long, you are screwed. If they don’t get to orbs fast enough, you are going to get punted off the platform. I don’t care if you’re a tank with 60K HP, that’s a loooooooong way down, and the sudden stop at the bottom is a doozy. If they don’t get on Val’kyrs fast enough, someone is going for a long fall too.

Basically Arthas is a “How awake are you?” check after taking the 3-4 hours required to clear the bottom of Icecrown Citadel. It’s also designed to be an extended fight that will push you on Heals, DPS and Tanking and force you to focus for at least 10 minutes, if not longer.

Dreddnought and co. were able to push Arthas to Phase 2 on almost every single attempt we made, but the situational awareness dropped the longer we were in there, even with a short turnaround time of 3 minutes between pulls.  Tankspot has the most comprehensive strat out there for this fight and we were following it pretty closely, almost down to the second, if you can believe it, but when DPS gets caught napping, that Defile gets really big REALLY fast. In any event, I hope to have more postings on a more frequent basis for y’all, but what I’d like to know is what y’all want to hear about. Strats? Spec? Instances? A Funny thing that happened on the way to the Tournament of Champions? Post a comment and let me know!

Main Tank vs. Off-Tank

Posted On February 12, 2010

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There are many in the Tanking Fraternity who will think I’m retarded for thinking this, or those that will think I’m a total n00b, but believe it or not, I prefer Off-Tanking to Main-Tanking.

Nothing said here is intended as a shot against Main Tanks, believe me. I Main Tank “older” Raids like Naxxramas and Ulduar a LOT, and on occasion “newer” Raids like ToC and ICC, but I prefer Off-Tanking. Maybe this makes me the exception (I know, I know, “Everyone wants to Main Tank, so you should too, Jimmy!”) but, as I’ve posted before, when people find a good Off-Tank, they want to keep that person around, and despite reports to the contrary, apparently I’m kinda good at Off-Tanking. I may not have been IN the fights but I’ve SEEN the fights and know what I’m supposed to do and when to do it. I guess that’s what you can say about me the most: I know my job and I do it.

But this post isn’t about my abilities and what have you, it’s about my bad habits, and I’ve got a few. Some of these really annoy Main Tanks, and I’m sorry for that, I’m working on it…

The Take Back: I sometimes forget that it’s not just me keeping aggro on something but the Main Tank and possibly (in 25s) the other Off-Tank too, and while the MT is geared for it, I know I am as well, so if a MoB that I’m on changes targets, even without looking at who that MOB is targetting, I’ll Taunt it back. This, of course, means that if the Main Tank taunted off me, there are now 2 Taunts down instead of just one. Not good. But understand my reasoning here, folks. If I lose a target, the chance is good that someone with less HP than me, like, say a clothie, will get face-raped. Yes, we Tanks are geared for the Raids we are running, we are geared to take damage, just as the rest are geared to deal damage, but a MoB on a damage dealer instead of a damage taker is NOT a good thing.

The Extra-MoB Taunt Off, or Moar! Syndrome: Often there will be mass pulls in Raids, where 2-3 MoBs are pulled and 15-20 more come with.  In ICC, these packs of MoBs tend to have around 300K – 1,150K HP and they hit like the truck.  Ask any Tank that’s been on the wrong end for a little too long – they tend to hurt. When I am Off-Tanking I’ll usually grab one add and bring it over to where the Main Tank and other Off Tanks are, but, and this is a bad habit (or so I’ve been told) I’ll tab target until I find the MoB where I have the next highest threat and Taunt that off whichever Tank or non-Tank has it. The way I see it, the Main Tank shouldn’t have ALL the MoBs on him, they should be shared among the Tanks. Kind of a Tank-Lovefest if you will.

Bear Deeps! GOGO!: Only need 1 Tank for a particular fight or it’s not-so-hard-hitting trash? Great! I’ll go DPS! Not Kitteh, but RAWR! I’ve pushed 4K before in Dire Bear form, but my DPS in Kitteh form really sucks, mainly because I don’t have a good rotation. I tend to get a little too enthusiastic at times, and have to be extremely careful not to pull off the Main Tank.

I’m certain that those that run with me will tell you I have a few bad habits, but what’s the deal, blogosphere? Tell me yours!

Note to Self: NEVER PuG with XXXXXXXX again…

Posted On February 10, 2010

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Or: I shoulda known better…

This post is brought to you by the Letter: Facepalm and the Number: DURH!

There was a reason I stopped Raiding with certain people. Even places like the Vault of Archavon, which, even with the new Boss, is NOT that hard.

It’s not because they’re bad players themselves, but because they either a) have an inflated sense of self importance, b) can’t lead Raids, c) cut Guildies WAY too much slack, and d) cannot choose PuGs to save their lives. I’m usually one of the PuGs…I’m not saying that they SHOULDN’T choose me, I’m saying that they need to pick better people AROUND me…lol.

I pugged with a former Guildie’s new Guild last night in Vault, and we moved through Archavon, Emalon and Koralon pretty quickly. It’s the new Boss, Toravon, that caused the most issues. Actually, Emalon, with his Overcharged Add, caused some issues too, because apparently her Guildies didn’t know to switch and had to have it called out.  Turns out the Tank I was with had NO idea what he was doing in there, so I was talking him through it in whispers all the while trying to avoid Frozen Orbs and mitigate damage as best I could against his Frost Debuff. Not fun. We didn’t manage to down it and I won’t get a chance to finish it, because knowing the Raid Leader like I do, she’ll just pug another Tank and leave me saved with no real loot to speak of.

*sigh* I need the Black-List Add-On…

Moving up the Ranks

Posted On February 9, 2010

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Dreddnought is Ranked #61 on server among Feral Druids! Ponfarr is ranked #152 on server among Marksmanship Hunters! There’s a lot more Druids (2022) than Hunter (1769), but still. I have two toons in the top 12% most geared on server means I SHOULD be able to run almost anything.  Guess what? More often than not the answer to THAT question is “No”…

I know, I know, with all the ranting and raving I do about Gear Score, WTF do I care so much? I dunno. It’s just nice to know I can sorta hang with Odyssey, Void, Threat Moves, Dark Council and Dark Prophecy and some of their respective Bear Tanks are actually on my Friends List. Not that we “chat” all the time, but it’s nice to know if I need a tip I can toss a line out and they’ll answer because they remember my name.  Not because I’m particularly GOOD at Bear!Tanking, but because when we HAVE raided together I’ve done my job, be it as OT or MT in a Naxx-10 or 25 Shits and Giggles run, in Ulduar for the same reason, or in one of the other Instances in-game, like Vault or Obsidian Sanctum.

Personally, I think the rankings on www.wow-heroes.com is kinda misleading because it doesn’t account for pug tanks and how they get gear, nor does it account for ACTUAL experience in the different instances.

In any event. Server reset and Raid night tonight. I think it’ll be Ony10, VoA10, OS10 and the Weekly Raid Quest for me. Should be fun, but who am I going to pug it with? Causa Nex? Exercitus Invictus? Munchausen by Proxy? My own Guild? Who knows…

Splitting Time…

Posted On January 28, 2010

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There’s one major problem that I have with Warcraft.

Actually, it’s not really a problem, truth be told, because I do love almost every aspect of the game, it’s the fact that the game is entirely too social. Either that or I am…

With the inclusion of Ventrilo, there are now voices to the toons, and the game takes on an entirely different aspect. Now there are REAL personalities involved and this is where it gets hard for me. See, I’m the kind of person that has a hard time saying “No” to anyone. I love running Raids and Instances. Honestly, I do. There’s a teeny-tiny problem though: I’m more geared out than about 98% of the folks I run with. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it can be limiting.


I have a WoW-Heroes gear score of 2861 (what that is according to the GearScore add-on I have NO idea) on my Feral Druid Tank and while that’s not nearly as high as a LOT of major Guild Tanks out there, I’m currently the top geared tank in my Guild (Infinite Destruction – Mug’thol). My alt, Ponfarr, has a WoW-Heroes gear score of 2777 which, for a toon I play on once a week, isn’t too shabby.

What this means is that Dreddnought, my Main, and Ponfarr, my Alt, are 5th and 10th most geared in my Guild respectively. As compared to some of the Guilds I run with like Causa Nex, Exercitus Invictus, Legion of Honor, Death From Above, and Popsicles in the Cellar (though I rarely run with them anymore, they have a surplus of Tanks, it seems) I’m pretty well geared out, but some of their Guildies aren’t, which makes it hard to run certain Raids.

The other part is what Raid do I run with who? There are certain givens every week, so if you’re looking for a Tank or Off-Tank, here’s my schedule…lol:

Ony10/25 – Reserved for Causa Nex.
Ever since an old Guildie of mine from Legion (which disbanded, unofficially, 8 months ago) named Manick asked me to Off-Tank it when I was just a fresh 80 and we one-shot it, they’ve been asking me back ever since. It seems, apparently, that I’m their good luck charm for that Raid but ONLY if I Off-Tank. They brought me in as Tree!Heals once and we wiped until I switched to Off-Tank and we downed it on the next attempt.

ToC10/25 – Reserved for Guild.

ICC10 – Free rolls, though there are some I prefer to run with over others.
By that I mean I prefer to run with people that will have fun and aren’t douchebags. A wipe does not mean the group is fail, it means someone (most likely the person complaining) didn’t do their job. I have add-ons that tell me what you did or didn’t do, so I WILL know who fucked up and why you died. Especially if you are in the Penalty Box for being a douchebag in the first place.

VoA10/25 – Free rolls (temporarily suspended).
Now that the new Boss is coming out NEXT week instead of THIS week (Boo!) it will be Guild runs only until we get the new boss down pat and develop an easy to follow strat for PuGs.

The question is, what do I fill the rest of my time with? Uld? Naxx? Who knows?

Guild or not?

Posted On January 24, 2010

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I was invited to a Guild as an off-tank. Their attendance requirements mean that I am required at 80% of their ICC Raids, raid nights being Weds, Thurs, Fri from 8PM to 11PM. How one attends 80% of 3 Raiding Nights is beyond me…there’s gotta be some funky math going on there.

I had to decline as Wednesdays are my school nights.

As much as I like Raiding, and as difficult as it is to pug, I’ll take my chances with my current Guild, TYVM. Real life things like classes are more important than getting gear out of ICC for me. If that means that I can’t get into a Guild because they place a higher priority on in-game than real-life then that’s fine by me. It’s not a knock against Raiding Guilds, really, it’s a knock against people that have skewed priorities. If I was being PAID by a Guild (REAL LIFE MONEY) to Raid on certain nights, then I would totally be there, but seeing as I PAY to play, yeah, I’ll do it when I want.

I do want to thank the Recruiter who contacted me, however, it was nice that he remembered me, and they are aware that I have a Healing Off-Spec, so if they need, they can let me know.

In the mean time, folks, Keep on Keeping on, and remember: RLOIG any day of the week.

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