Posted On June 28, 2012

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I’ve come to the conclusion that, unless I’m Tanking, I’m a piss poor excuse for a raider.

I’m not sure what it is, but rotations when it comes to DPS seem to be totally beyond my abilities to handle.  Even if it’s laid out in a nice “PUSH BUDDON HEER!” fashion, or buttons are spammable to the point of face-roll, I seem to find ways to screw the pooch and I mean royally, tanking on meters and basically looking like a n00b, even though I know I’m not.  It’s almost enough to make me despair of ever raiding at a higher level again.  Seriously.

10-man is awesome and it’s a total hoot, but I’m grinding it out week after week on my Druid, wishing I could bring in my Hunter, Shaman, DK, Warrior or Paladin, but they seldom get used.  My poor Hunter has been languishing in such a mish-mash of LFR, 10-man and quest gear that it makes me wonder if I’m just totally wasting my time.  I’ve been pugging LFR to try to get my alts geared so I can be competitive, but it just doesn’t seem to be there for me.  The spirit is willing, but the clock and flesh are weak.  My only real hope of a toon at this point would be the Paladin, and even then she’d have to be used as an Off-Tank, because what does every Guild need? Tanks.  We have Healers and under-geared but over-achieving DPS out the wazoo, but Tanks? Man, worth their pixels in gold, apparently.  Sure, other people have toons that CAN Tank (and thank you, Whippree, for stepping up when I can’t be there) but not everyone who has a toon that can Tank wants to Tank, so why should they be made to?

It’s kind of a waste to try gearing Palahitski, to be honest, because there’s already a really good Paladin Tank in Guild (Yay, Kann!) so Palahitski would be relegated to “Well, we really need a tank, so I guess you can bring her…what about your Bear?” status.  My only other options at this point are to either gear out Kuiril (DK) or level Shawtey (Warrior) to 85 and gear her out.  Even then, I’d STILL be Tanking on both of those toons, but at least I’d get different toons into the Raid instead of Dreddnought all the time.  This typically happens when we near the end of an expansion.  It was like this at the end of “Burning Crusade” and at the end of “Wrath of the Lich King” too.  You reach a raiding saturation point, I think, where you’ve done the normal modes until your eyes bleed, but even the added challenge of Heroic Mode just seems like a tired retread of what you’ve already done to death. 

I suppose for variety’s sake I could try leveling some Alliance toons, but at this point I’m thinking of just taking Shawtey out and grinding instances with her until I can transfer her to “Two Kings” from “Gold Diggaz” (though I REALLY love that Guild name and I don’t want to lose it, just like I love “Functioning As Intended” and “Of Smeg,” even though there’s only one toon in each Guild).   ONWARD!


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