I whine…a LOT…but I have an idea too…

Posted On June 18, 2012

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To start: I love my Guild.  I really do.  They are awesome people, great fun to play with, and a really unique cast of characters.  We all have our roles, Tanks, Heals, DPS, and we perform well together.  There is a but coming, as you can all tell from the opening sentence…but the petty part of me wants an opportunity to bring more than just my Tank for the majority of the Raids we do. 

Yes, Ponfarr has gotten in on a few Guild runs and he’s netted some really nice gear, but that’s only because everyone else in Raid at the time already had everything so he won loot rolls practically by default (well, almost by default).   The same goes for Palahitski.  WANT LOOT! I know it’s selfish of me, and childish, and I know that everyone wants loot for alts, what I suppose I’m really wondering is why we haven’t run an Alt raid yet…they all need the gear and I think it would be fun to take alternate toons into DS with the 25% nerf in place.  By alternate toons, I mean not the ones we run on all the time and doing DIFFERENT ROLES.  I’d like to bring Palahitski in as Retribution instead of Protection, and Ponfarr as straight up DPS, instead of just Dreddnought as Feral/Balance. 

Sorry, whining, I’ll shut up until I have something more than just “Waaaaaah, I wants loots!”


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