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Posted On February 27, 2012

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Thoughts on raiding as Bear/Oomkin:


Just gotta say, tearing the hell outta DS as a Bear/Oomkin with Two Kings has been a lot of fun in 4.3.2.  I appreciate the trust that they have placed in me by allowing me to tank for them, and allowing me to zap stuff as Oomkin, but I’m finding I can’t squeeze as much out of my Oomkin set as I’d like.  The Bear is pretty well situated right now with his 4-piece T13, but I find I like running the Oomkin 2-piece T13/2-piece T12 combination more to my liking than the 4-piece T13 for some reason – which will make anyone who is competent at playing an Oomkin probably go “Whaaaaa-???”

Please bear in mind (get it…LOL) that I’m NOT a theory-crafter, I’m just your average player who knows hit caps and what I should be stacking based on spec (well, for the most part…just don’t ask me about warlock-y stuff, I leave that to Poneria (  Using the tools available and looking at and and even looking at guides like and even, I come across a problem – with Insect Swarm and Moon/Sunfire as pretty much my only instant cast spells (OK, OK and Starsurge when it procs, FINE, otherwise I’m hard-casting that sonofabitch and do NOT talk to me about how Starfall is an instant, that shit has fucked up more often than Mike Tyson’s bitten ears) any fight involving movement, which is basically ALL of them in Dragon Soul, kinda hampers my DPS. 

I doubt any other Oomkin (like Opalbreeze and Lissanna ( are experiencing these issues as I seem to be good at finding the wonky and esoteric stuff to fail at, so I’m sure once I log into Undying Resolutions vent tonight I’ll hear all about how n00bish I am, but there you have it.

I find the biggest obstacle I face is Haste.  I can’t seem to get enough of it. 

Wrath-spam is fine, the GCD I have for that is about as fast as I can get it, but it’s that frigging Starfire that kills me…that spell, while it hits like a truck, takes for-EVER to cast.  I mean, I could /afk for a beer and a smoke in the time it takes from button push until in-game cast.  It’s not a latency problem, my internet is awesome (yay!) but at current gear level I can’t seem to wring as much out of my Oomkin as I’d like and that makes me a sad Panda wannabe. 

Basically I’m asking for help, any help at all, to get that furshlugginer lazerchikkin performing like I KNOW it can.  I want to try to maximize spell-power and haste after hit-cap, and the +Int part isn’t, I don’t think, the issue, it’s the lousy Haste I currently have. 

Sadly, if anyone armories me, they’ll see my Bear set because that’s what I logged out in, but I’ll try to get that fixed ASAP.


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