Firelands – Shannox and Beth’Tilac.

Posted On October 6, 2011

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Oh, the IRONY!

My role has changed recently to Caster DPS as a result of a surfeit of Tanks in Two kings (trust me, it’s not a complaint) and I’m currently Raiding as a Boomkin and not doing too shabbily (well, except for Alysrazor, but everyone knows lazerchikkins can’t fly!) but all the drops I’ve been sucking up for my now Off-Spec/former Main-Spec are Feral pieces, including a damned shiny staff off of Majordomo Stagheim. No T13 shoulders yet, but next week if/when I get those I’ll have the 2-piece T12 and the 2-piece T13 to work with as Boomkin and we’ll see what happens there.

I know that there are other folk what play Bears who are in the same situation and believe me when I say I feel your pain. I’m a perfectly capable tank 99% of the time, but when the tanks you currently run with are as geared out as Kann (Mug’thol) and Laplace (Mug’thol) are you’re along for the ride, and baby, I’m gonna ride this for as long as I can.

I have to be brutally honest here: Blizzard has done some interesting things, but Firelands can’t hold a candle to the sheer fun that was Ulduar. For me, that particular Raid instance was the most fun I’ve had, bar the wiping on the same 4 bosses for 9 weeks in a row when it first came out and everyone was still in 200s and 2500DPS was unheard of.  With Firelands, however, there’s opportunity to discover the full utility of your class and in particular the limits of Balance.

On Shannox I’m not using all of my AoE abilities, that’s a straight up DPS race and don’t stand in stuff fight for me, and it bores me to tears. I’d rather tank that fight. Beth’tilac is where the different AoE spells I have are really used.

From Typhoon to Fungal Growth to Starfall to Hurricane, all of them are used as frequently as they’re off cooldown or I have mana. I volunteered for add duty on that particular fight because I’ve always been the straight up DPSer. Balance can hit like a truck given enough standing still and cast times, but to me if I’m playing a DPS class that’s just BORING. It’s the same spell over and over and over (O hai Wrath) until the energy bar has swung all the way to the opposite side and then another spell (O hai Starfire) over and over and over until we’re back on the opposite side. There’s very little to the rotation other than sticking in a Moonfire and an Insect Swarm to keep debuffs on the MoB or Boss going.

On Spiderling duty in the B’T fight I’m using Typhoon to get me a little extra time to toss down a string of Mushrooms, detonating them and adding Starfall and Hurricane to burn the Spiderlings down with assistance from another DPS. This keeps me running from side to side during the fight and on my toes, which I LOVE.

Next post: Lord Rhyolith or No, I’M Driving!

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