Ask the Devs? More like: I’ll answer that, because it’s easy, and delete that because it’s not.

Posted On March 7, 2011

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I’ve been sitting here cudgeling my brains trying to come up with a suitable blog post and for the life of me it just ain’t happening…There was an “Ask the Devs” thread started…in under an hour it was at 500 posts and they decided to reinstitute locking threads at 500 posts…which is funny because that’s 26 pages. They claim that it’s been in effect all along, just non-functional, but I have seen threads get as large as 289 pages (yes, almost 300 pages of reports and facts and figures that they COMPLETELY ignored) on the PTR forum and 80+ in the Druid forum as recently as last week, so afaic they realised that they were well and truly boned with the amount of “balancing” and “hot-fixing” they’ve done so far this expansion and decided to try to cut their losses…we shall see in about a week when they finally get around to answering only the questions they want to…

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