A Raiding we will go!

Posted On March 4, 2011

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Wall of Text Incoming: You Have Been Warned!

To clarify: I am NOT on the bleeding edge of Raiding, and I never will be. I’m a Casual Raider. I am Hardcore-Lite at best, Sorta Hardcore at worst, with a serious yen for seeing the insides of these new places and getting my face eaten by your friendly local dungeon MoB.

I will never have World Firsts or Realm Firsts or Game Firsts because I just don’t take the game THAT seriously. If this description turns you off reading my site, then so be it. Don’t click the wrong “x” on your way out. If you are like the majority of players in WoW, read on and who knows, you might just learn something…what that is I will never know, but you could, and isn’t that EXCITING?

It felt good to dip my toes in the Raiding pool (see what I did there?) and I’m almost ready to jump in with both feet again (ba-dum-psssh).

Pugging Heroics is STILL off the table, however. I can deal with stupid in limited doses, but the MASSIVELY broken LFD tool is, at least as far as I’m concerned, great at finding tools instead of players. From the Mage that waits until everyone else has selected “Greed” on the Chaos Orb before he selects “Need” to the Hunter that cussed me out for “Need”-ing on Skardyn’s Grace (“Agility sucks for Bears, you should be stacking Stam,” was about the only printable thing he said…*facepalm*) to the Shaman who claimed that Spirit was absolutely useless to me for my Off-Spec so he should get the blue leather caster bracers, the LFD tool has exposed me, and apparently ONLY me, to all the Failplayers in the game.

But enough about them, this shit is all about me today.

Argaloth? Punk-ass is still trying to pick up his teeth with his stumpy arms.

Magmaw? Pwned his face. Not as a Tank, however…I pwned it as a TREE.

Yes, the Bear!Tree is BACK, baby. I don’t mind it either. My mana regen is not 100% where I want it to be yet (partially due to me spamming heals, as opposed to a rotation, partially due to re-learning Druid healing) but dammit, we lived, we took down the Boss and got lootz! From the massive Q.Q on the Forums I was under the impression that these new Cataclysm Raids were massively hard and fierce and something to be feared to within an inadvertent clench of peeing yourself.

Turns out these Raids are more like Dungeons with more people than sphincter tightening, teeth-gritting, nerd-rageous crap-fests that they’ve been made out to be. It’s all about Not Standing in/Not Running Through Fire and Staying Away from Fart Clouds and Moving with the Diamond and Switching Targets and BLOODLUST NOW! As opposed to the 1-shot “WTF WAS THAT SHIT?” stuff I’d been reading about. It’s one of those: “See, that wasn’t SO bad,” situations as opposed to one of those other kinds.

Argaloth was all about timing and not standing in fire. Seriously. That was about it. Timing Taunts for Meteor Slash (or whatever they’re calling it) and running around like a deranged donkey for 10 seconds before picking the Boss back up again…lather, rinse, repeat.

Magmaw was slightly more complex and I’m reliant on DPS to save my ass as a Tank on two occasions (if not more) and if someone screws up, then I basically get 1-shot, but other than that, as a Tree, Pillar of Fire is dead simple to get out of if everyone stacks and follows the marked person. It’s all “Heal-Through-able” but I don’t recommend it.

The Cataclysm Raids are, for the most part, fun, and learning and progression are actually more enjoyable than Wrath at this point. There are many out there that would disagree with this, and maybe I’m a masochist for thinking it, but I’m actually having a blast running heroics with Guildies (again, I won’t PuG, so don’t ask) and learning new fights. Who knows what the future will bring?

2 Responses to “A Raiding we will go!”

  1. selenium

    glad you had fun last night! tell me more about this hunter who raged on you for need-ing on skardyn’s grace…

    • Dreddnought

      I can’t remember, but he’s on my ignore list already…lol

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