Brief Hiatus

Posted On February 4, 2011

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Sorry about that folks, it’s been a WHILE since I posted here, but rest assured, there will be more information up and more posts soon! I’ve been taking some time to level toons and get a better feel for Cataclysm and so far it hasn’t been disappointing. There are some frustrating encounters, but it makes the game more challenging and entertaining, to say the least, and I promise, on my big furry ass, that I’ll have more content soon.

In an unrelated note, Gabe and Tycho are under fire again for a comic that was published on their site in August of 2010 (I’m not going to re-link it as I’m sure we ALL know which one it is) and it’s led to death threats against both of their families, which, I think, is really reprehensible. If you approach the comic from a gaming perspective, it’s actually quite funny, and to take it for anything more than it actually is (they have been accused of being pro-rape, of all things) which is a commentary on the ridiculousness of some quests in MMOs, is to do yourself, their work, and gamers a HUGE disservice. I recommend you re-read it and think about it, and if you feel that strongly about it, please leave me a comment.

Thanks for sticking with me!

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