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Posted On November 26, 2010

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Hello, everyone! Just thought you oughta know…

1-The Throne of Tides


Throne of the Tides is part of the player-accessible section of the Abyssal Maw complex. It is a beautifully built building, offering view of the underwater world around it. Players of level 82-84 will have to battle their way not only through the host of naga that controls the place, but through servants of the Old Gods themselves as well.



Lady Naz’jar is the first boss in the instance Throne of the Tides. She has a couple of nice abilities, the first being Shock Blast. This is interruptible and does a lot of damage to the target, so interrupt it! She will also spawn blue circles under a random party member. This will erupt into a pillar of water, which does a lot of damage, so like always move out of it. Around 60% she will put herself in a shield of water and spawn three mobs. Two of them are casters and will cast chain lightning and lighting bolt. You should probably take those out first. The other add is a melee that will enrage at 30%. Whenever you take those out the boss will come out of the shield. If you are not fast enough she will come out after channeling the shield. She will do this again at 20%. After you kill her you get a small surprise and then its off to the second boss. She also does this Fungal Spore under a random member of the group. this is a disease that deals about 10k nature dmg every 2-3 secs for 15 sec or so. Step away from it asap


Commander Ulthok is the second boss in Throne of the Tides. You will encounter him apon leaving the room of the first boss. He will begin casting Dark Fissure. When he finishes he will slam the ground dealing a ton of damage (one shotting anyone who is not a tank), and leaving a void zone. He will also randomly pull in one member and deal damage to him. 80% of the time he will cast dark fissure right after releasing the person. Tank him, stay out of void zones, and you win. Dark Fissure hits for about 45,000~ shadow damage and leaves behind a fissure as mentioned above, which deals around 8,000~ damage per second.


Erunak Stonespeaker is the third boss in Throne of the Tides. When you start the fight have tank pick him up. He will cast Lava bolt which does about 20k damage to the target, and he will random cast it as party members. He will also cast Magma Splash which is a high damage frontal cone, so face him away from party. He will continue to do these two abilities until 50%. At 50% The Mindless One will release him. It will then chase after the person with the highest threat, you have two options, you can run around kiting him, or you can let him mind control you. If you kite him he will cast Mind Flay dealing damage to all players and throwing out absorb magic gas clouds. If you let him mind control you, its a standard mind control. You will have over 100k hp and any damage done to you is done to The Mindless One. He will fall off whenever you get the mind control person to 50%, he will repeat this until he is dead.


Ozumat is the final boss for Throne of the Tides. The encounter is started by talking to Neptunos. It is a 3 phase encounter.

Phase 1: Murlocks spawn, easily AoE’d. Occasionally a small faceless one spawns, I forgot their name, they’ll nuke Neptunos. Dps them down, the tank can pick them up but it’s not completely critical, dps will survive the hits. A much larger faceless one will spawn as well (abomination or something) which should be tanked. Unless your dps is very strong, you’re best off just ignoring it. The big guy will occasionally float into the air and smash into the ground doing a large amount of AoE shadow damage (25k or so).

Phase 2: Murlocks and the nuking faceless one stop spawning. Instead beasts spawn as well as sappers. The tank needs to pick up and kite the beasts. They move slower than normal so they are easy to kite. The giant faceless guy from p1 will probably be alive as well, but since he spends so much time floating to AoE he’s easy to kite as well. Just make sure you don’t drag him through your group and get them AoE’d. Pools of black stuff will spawn on the ground during p2, just don’t stand in them. The gist of P2 is the tank kiting all the beasts, the dps killing the sappers and avoiding pools on the ground. If sappers are killed too slowly, Neptunos will die and the encounter ends (it will reset after like 30 seconds).

Phase 3: If you killed all the sappers, you will move to P3. Everybody will grow to huge size, getting a massive health and dps buff. At this point it’s a dps race. You will get a stacking dot that quickly scales well past any level that is healable. Ignore the adds and just dps the octupus. He’s against the side of the bubble. It’s very easy to kill it in time as long as people switch to it right away.


2-Blackrock Caverns


Another one of the Blackrock Mountains series of dreaded dungeons, the Blackrock Caverns is a complex of tunnels created by Deathwing, that connects the mountain home of the Dark Iron dwarves with the Twilight Highlands, north-west of the Wetlands. It is populated by members of the Twilight Hammer.



Rom’ogg Bonecrusher: The first thing you’ll want to do before pulling this guy is make sure most of the room is cleared, as he will call any remaining trash packs during the fight, and you’ll most certainly wipe.

The first ability you’ll probably see him cast is an AoE ability called “Quake”. Everyone in your party will have a dust cloud under their feet, and will take roughly 9000 damage a second on heroic if you don’t move out of the cloud. After the cast is finished, a total of 5 adds will spawn from the clouds (these still spawn even if you move out of the quake.) The adds will melee your tank for about 10k, so with 5 adds and the boss, your tank will need loads of healing. Don’t kill the adds now though, you can, but it’s easier to take care of them with a later mechanic.

To make the tank damage even worse, the boss will randomly do a “Mortal Strike” which will reduce healing your tank receives by 25%. Because of this, you will want to use a defensive cooldown when the adds are up because your tank will get completely wrecked without one.

The third and final mechanic is something called “Chains of Woe”. At 66% and 33% the boss will summon everyone into melee range, chain them in place, and start casting something called “The Skullcracker”. Your first instinct will be to AoE the chains down, but this is wrong. The chains count as one mob, and should be single targeted (I’d suggest using a “/target Chains” macro). After you break the chains, run out about 20 yards away from the boss, and you won’t get hit by the bosses Skullcracker. Now, you’re probably wondering by this point what you do with the adds that you just left up. Well, the Skullcracker can hit the adds too, so just leave them up until he casts it, and they’re all toast. If you kill 10 of the adds this way, you even get an achievement. Good luck!


Corla is the second boss in Blackrock Caverns. It is advised that before you start the fight you kill the patrol and the two groups. When you start the fight, the dragon will channel beams at the three zealots. They will start gaining stacks of Evolution. Once they get to 100 they will transform into the dragonkin you just got done killing. You can stop them from gaining the buff by intercepting the beams yourself, but you will start stacking it instead. The goal of this encounter is to have one zealot transformed at a time. Have your tank pull the boss near one of the zealots. Have ranged block the beams of the other two. As soon as the first one transforms start dpsing it down fast. As soon as it dies you want to have one of the dps move away from their beam. Do this two more times and you have this fight won. You can use things like Ice block and Pally bubbles to wipe your stacks. Make sure to never get 100 stacks of it on you, otherwise you will transform and become mind controlled. The boss herself will fear people and randomly yank people to her.


Karsh Steelbender is the third boss in Blackrock Caverns. Before you can engage him you will need to kill the two Conflagrations patrolling around the room. As you will see, when they get close to the cooled obsidian alloys, they will become molten and will be able to move. What you want to do is pull the conflagrations back down the hallway until any alloys that are following are cooled again. You can slow down the alloys to make it easier. Once that is done the boss is easy. He has a buff on him that reduces all damage he takes by 99%. To fix this you will need to kite him into the pillar of flame in the middle of the room. For each second he is in the flames he will deal an AoE fire damage to everyone. This increases with each stack. He will also deal more 1000 fire damage each melee hit increase by the stacks, but for each stack he will take 10% more damage. This buff only last for a short time, so the tank will be moving in, letting the buff stack, move out, wait til it drops, then repeat. Whenever it does drop off him, a wall of flame will shoot up from the grates circling the middle of the room. A good stack size to get to is 4-6, more if your healer can handle the damage. Other than that it is a straight forward fight.


Beauty is the fourth boss in Blackrock Caverns. Before you start the fight you will need to kill at least three of the four core hound pups. They will do a flame breath and will drop lava drool pools. They are pretty easy and should go down quickly. The boss is also pretty easy. She will do a flame breath in front of her. She will randomly charge at someone, knocking them back. She does a AoE fear, and in my opinion her most dangerous ability is magma spit which deals damage over time to a random party member and when its done it will shoot out four balls of fire diagonal from where the person is. Doing damage to anyone standing in them. Pretty straight forward fight, just make sure to tank the boss facing away from the party.


Obsidius is the last boss in Blackrock Caverns. This is the boss I know least about. When you start the fight he will have two shadows. These will take no damage. They will apply a debuff on someone that will reduce healing taken by 99%. Threat works a little differently on them. Instead of building up threat, they work like the dark nucleus in the blood princes encounter, they will go after whoever hit them last. The boss will switch places with one of them randomly, dropping all threat. He also places DoTs on random party members. A good tatic to use, is to have the tank tank the boss and both shadows. Whenever the tank needs to heal (50% is good) have a ranged pull off the shadows. Whenever the tanks is full, have him pull them back off. This is a pretty easy fight, but things can fall apart if the shadows do not get off the tank.


An alternative to this, and if you’re lucky enough to have the proper group make up, really helps in this fight.

Because our healer was a druid, he was able to root one of the small adds away from the big boss. Our mage (a hunter would work fine in this scenario also) who was arcane spec would “DPS” one of the little mobs, and with the slow debuff, kept him away from the big boss.

After that, it was just a matter of having the rest of the DPS focus-fire the boss. When switches came up, all 3 were far apart enough where I (the tank) would just run towards the newly-posessed one, taunt it, and start tanking. The mage and druid would keep the other two away.

They are classified as elementals- you cannot sheep them. It appeared that trying to ice the mobs would not work, but the AoE freeze trap slow worked for slowing the mob.

3-The Stonecore


The Stonecore is a 5-man dungeon designed for players of level 82-84. It is located within the Temple of Earth, in Deepholm. Once a sacred ground for the denizens of Deepholm, the Stonecore has almost completely fallen under the control of the Twilight Hammer. The High Priestess Azil herself is in charge here, but players may be more excited to see Millhouse Manastorm, who makes a brief appearance in the beginning of the dungeon.




Corburus: This fight is essentially two alternating phases. I personally call them the “Up Phase” and the “Down Phase”. In the Up Phase, he’ll do a couple of things. “Dampening Wave” is entirely a healer ability. The group will take a small about of damage and get a stacking debuff that absorbs 15k healing. This stacks up to 20 times, and if you don’t dispell it… well, you have fun with that. The good news is that one dispell will get rid of the entire stack of debuffs. “Crystal Barrage” is similar to Archavon shards and deals about 15k every second and spawn a lot of adds. The adds will hit your tank for damage that is pretty much un-tankable. If you don’t move out of the AoE, you will probably die. If you don’t AoE the adds down fast enough, everyone in your group including your tank will probably die.

Eventually the boss will burrow underground and you’ll enter the down phase. The down phase is simple in writing, but not so simple when you do it. During the down phase, the boss will meander around and frequently come above ground for a few seconds causing a dust cloud and then burrow underground again. If you get hit by the boss while he is doing this, you are dead. While moving around avoiding the boss, you’ll have to deal with several tiny adds. You want to AoE these down, but it can be hard at times because everyone is moving all over the place. Use frontal cone abilities or any AoEs you can use while moving really. Cone of Cold, Typhoon, Blood Boil, etc. After the boss goes back into the up phase, the fight becomes rinse and repeat.


Slabhide: This is a really simple fight. The fight is mostly a tank and spank encounter, but you have to be aware of not standing on the lava circles that appear during the fight (you are warned with the ground moving and shaking where the lava pool will appear).

Periodically, Slabhide will lift off and throw tons of spikes at the ground, check the ground for shadows and move away from them.

That’s it, rinse and repeat for whatever time it takes to kill him.



– tank with back to wall

– run elsewhere as tank when he ground slams
– melee dps run away a little on spike spell
– watch for spell reflect casters
– watch for thorns effect melee


High Priestess Azil: This was probably the most interesting encounter in the entire dungeon. Although not as visually impressive as the other three, what she lacks in sight, she makes up for with spells. Tons of AoE-able cultists will come frequently during the fight, because nothing makes a DPS happier than lots of numbers. Except for lots of big numbers, and she provides you with a chance to see that here. She will summon something like black holes on the ground that pull everything except for the boss inside them, causing some damage. The awesome part here is that you can use those to watch dozens of weak cultists get sucked in and killed almost instantly! Azil will enter a second phase 3-4 times during the fight, flying to her podium, becoming invulnerable, and tossing massive boulders at you, while summoning even more cannon fodder cultists. I believe you had to use those boulders to break LoS with the boss during some bad (but not fatal) spell she casts at the end of that phase of hers. And the process repeats a few times.


4-The Skywall


The Vortex Pinnacle is a level 82-84 5-man dungeon located inside the Skywall, the air domain of the Elemental Plane. The entrance can be found in the skies of Uldum. Here Al’Akir‘s armies of air elementals and commanders below the top of the chain gather their strength and prepare to usher the world into an era of chaos.

Grand Vizier Ertan is the first boss in the Vortex Pinnacle. He can be found on the Cyclone Summit, the first one of the three arc-like platforms in the dungeon. His main ability is Lightning Bolt which blasts an enemy with lightning, inflicting 8500 to 12500 Nature damage.


Altairus is the second boss in the Vortex Pinnacle. He is a storm dragon and can be found on Nimbus Rise, the second one of the three platforms in the dungeon. His main ability is Chilling Breath which inflicts 25500 to 34500 Frost damage to enemies in a cone in front of the caster.


Asaad is the third and final boss in the Vortex Pinnacle. The Djinn can be found inside the Temple of Asaad. His main ability is Chain Lightning which strikes an enemy with a lightning bolt that arcs to another nearby enemy. The spell affects up to 5 targets, inflicting less Nature damage to each successive target with base damage lf 25000 to 30000 damage. His second ability is called Supremacy of the Storm where lightning strikes from the storm above Asaad, inflict massive damage to all enemies and is a 6 second cast hitting twice per second.


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