Mains vs. Alts – Do YOU Know Which is Which?

Posted On October 26, 2010

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As the title for this post suggests, there’s some thinks going on here. How do YOU define it? Which toon is your main, which toons are your alts? What makes a main a main and what makes an alt an alt? Have you ever had mains become alts? Personally speaking, I’ve got 2 mains. Both are Tanks for the time being because that’s what seems to be in highest demand. Dreddnought is a Feral Druid Tank and Charlton is a Blood DK Tank (that feels weird to say). They didn’t start that way. Dreddnought was actually the 3rd toon that I started on Mug’thol. Awie was my first toon, an Undead Warlock and my original Main, Ponfarr was the second toon I rolled, a Blood Elf Hunter. Ponfarr quickly became my main simply because Hunters were REALLY easy to level, it was simple to solo, and it seemed like the most intuitive toon for me to play. Eventually I got tired of DPSing and wanted to try something else. I had noticed a friend playing a Feral Druid Tank and thought that bear form looked like a LOT of fun.  That and, man, I was REALLY getting tired of Hunters and Warlocks. Don’t get me wrong, blowing shit up was fun, but it seemed everyone and their cousin had a Warlock or Hunter. I wanted a challenge, something to make me think and to make me work for a change, a completely different role requiring a completely different mindset.  Healing was too much like reverse DPS for my taste, hence, BEAR! Charlton was one of those toons that you leveled to play with friends, ‘cause dammit, if they’re Raiding, why can’t I? Both he and Dreddnought are technically considered my main toons now, as I spend most of my time on them.

Now Dreddnought has gone through a few stages in his raiding “career” as it were, from Bear to Tree to Boom (but never kitteh…I don’t have the patience for the EXCRUCIATINGLY difficult rotation) and this is to allow for a little flexibility in the Raid. Having a Bear!Tree was nice, for a while, but it limited me, especially with regards to roles within Raids, because you don’t really want to replace a Tank with a Healer if you can get a Tank with a DPS Off-Spec, hence the re-spec. He has, through Guild necessity (and because I LOVE Bear tanking) become my Main, supplanting Ponfarr.

Charlton, as I mentioned above, was the quickest way to get to raid with friends, seeing as leveling a DK was retardedly simple. He has one spec and one spec only: Blood DK, meaning ANOTHER tank…which means I can play with my friends whenever I want because none of them HAS a tank. 😀
It’s the kiting between toons that has been fun for me and taking the time to gear up a new “main” is always fun. Watching those achievements pop after hitting 80 is all sorts of fun for me, which is why I’ve gone back to Kuiril, my other DK on Mug’thol. I’m leveling him as Tank in the mean time as well, and seeing as a good friend of mine is leveling a Healer, we are both burning through our rested XP pretty darned quickly. A new main? It’s possible…though this one I might make melee DPS instead of a tank when all is said and done.

You never know what toon will be my main next…

One Response to “Mains vs. Alts – Do YOU Know Which is Which?”

  1. selenium

    not going to comment on mains vs. alts since i’ve already done so via guild site, but i agree on how fun it is to gear up a character and see achievements pop up. that was how it felt on lastprayer, and i had forgotten how it felt to actually be able to upgrade pieces of gear, but even with her being where she’s at, that fun is gone now because there aren’t many viable options left in that regards.

    perhaps i will level my DK, but methinks she needs a name change…

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