Now for a spot of Death Knight-y Goodness

Posted On October 22, 2010

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Blood Tank sounds unfamiliar to someone who has always been Frost, but to be honest, when it comes to Tanking, not a LOT has changed. Sure, your spells are now fancy red ones instead of blue and while ones, but it’s not that bad! Do not despair, Death Knight tanks. One of the reasons I rolled a DK is because the play style felt different and fun. Not as regimented as, say, a Paladin, or as proc based as, say, a Warrior, and almost as “OMG! CHICKEN!” fun as a Feral Druid.

Yes, there are some changes from Frost as the “tanking” tree to Blood. There’s no more Hungering Cold, no more Howling Blast, but we get the additional advantage that Blood Boil can cover a larger area, as well as do additional threat-causing damage, if specced into it, and Pestilence has a greater range as well.

Rotation: Ah, yes, the bane of any free-style loving player, like myself. There are certain spells and abilities that you will ALWAYS use while tanking. How those are used, however, is really up to you. Some will prefer one method, others will prefer another, and then there’s folk like me who will use just about every trick in their arsenal to get and keep aggro. I apologise a LOT when I tank. It’s not even intentional a lot of the time but I find myself trying to get EVERYTHING to hit me (which, I’m sure, stresses out my healers to no end) and very frequently, and unintentionally, I might add, this includes pulling MoBs off the other tank. It’s not that I’m a glory hound or aggro-whore, not in the least, it’s the mechanics and programming for the class that I play. Anyways, the DK Tanking Rotation, as used by Charlton (note: ALL my strikes have Rune Strike macro’d in – “/use ******** Strike; /use Rune Strike”):
1. Death and Decay
2. Icy Touch
3. Plague Strike
4. Blood Boil
5. Pestilence
6. Blood Tap
7. Heart Strike
8. Heart Strike
9. Blood Boil
10. Blood Boil

I generally try to follow this rotation when tanking, but, as we all know, the opportunity to plant oneself and run through a cycle, especially with trigger happy DPS, rarely comes up. The important part are steps 1-5. Getting Death and Decay down, and infecting ALL your targets with Frost Fever, Ebon plague and Scarlet Rot (or whatever the Blood disease is called) is a priority in maintaining and keeping aggro. I know there are times when people like to chain pull, and that’s fine, just as long as you remember to keep dropping Death and Decay whenever it’s available and using Blood Boil whenever it’s available.

Do not be afraid of Death Grip, Army of the Dead, Dark Command or Dark Pact either. If your Bloodworms aren’t as effective as you’d hoped, popping and dropping a ghoul is an effective way to get around 18K HP back in Heroics and in excess of 24K HP in ICC.

If there are any other more experienced Blood DK Tanks out there that actually read my blog, please feel free to chime in if you see something TOTALLY wrong (other than grammar and spelling, that is) with the rotation or suggestions for tightening it up a bit.

2 Responses to “Now for a spot of Death Knight-y Goodness”

  1. selenium

    ooh, DK tanking how-to!

    i have a very much neglected DK that i could level. i need to level another toon to mine with when i drop mining on my hunter for engineering come cata. it’s either the DK or the pally, but since i have few pally tanks that i can get tips from, it may very well be that i have to level the DK…and as we all know, tanking = instaqueue!

    but heh…this is just a thought. i’ve never played melee for a reason — i like to be able to run away from danger. purposely seeking aggro will be a totally different experience, and i don’t know how well i’ll adjust.

    end of babbling.

    • Dreddnought

      Not really a “How-To” (that NEVER changes, it’s always: HIT EVERYTHING!!!) but more of a “Don’t Forget about These…it Could Be Dangerous…”

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