A New Leaf? Perhaps…

Posted On September 29, 2010

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Huge apologies to Pyoska over at angryhealers.com but I had to ditch the Tree!heals spec I had. I’m sorry! Don’t unfriend me!

Don’t get me wrong, it was FUN to do it (I’m keeping the gear too) but these days there’s more call for a Tank with a DPS off-spec than there is for a Tank with a Healing off-spec.

So what did I do? Instead of doing the EASY thing and building a Kitteh spec, I went…you guessed it…OOM! Now I am a Bear!Chicken and quite frankly I’m LOVING blowing shit up again. I have a GS just a smidge over 5K (5026 if memory serves) and I tell ya, I clocked 22,909 DPS in an ICC10 Rep Run last night…yes, you read that right, that’s 22,909 DPS. Granted, it was on trash, but I can pull off 10K in Heroics too on trash. Single target DPS is around 4.2-4.5K DPS dependent on how many crits I can string together. Based on the gear I have, that aint’ too shabby but once I have a dedicated DPS set that doesn’t share parts with my Healing set I shudder to think what my DPS will look like.

“Pssh! STFU n00b! You picked the most OP class in the game to DPS on!” Naw, lolmages are the most OP class in-game for DPS and it’s facerolling DPS too. Even the hardcore Mages in Guild admit it’s rofldps.

What I WILL be exploring is a viable Bear!Chicken build in the next few weeks, because it IS possible to get to Survival of the Fittest and still be a chicken, meaning it’s a form that could be viable to tank in, and I’d love to see the looks on people’s faces when a 40K Oomkin shows up in a Heroic, as well as the baddest PVP Oomkin build I can come up with, but that’s a separate task that will follow my Bear!Chicken explorations.

Charlton is keeping well, keeping active in the mean time as well, and I’ll be posting more about my adventures in Blood Spec tanking next week.

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