Us vs. Them – When did THAT happen?

Posted On September 28, 2010

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There seems to be a growing and prevailing attitude amongst Guild Members, myself included (much to my chagrin), that we are better than everyone else. That we are, simply for being members of Infinite Destruction, so far ahead of the curve that everyone else has fallen behind. I have heard things from Guild Members, and said things myself, that have made me stop and say: “Self, that was a very douche-y thing to say.” We appear to have been fostering a nascent seed of Elitism, and, now that we are going 10/12 – 11/12 in ICC every week that seed of elitism has begun to grow and almost to bloom.

 I’ve also been guilty of less than stellar behaviour in 5-man PuGs, violating Guild Rules which I created (oh, irony!) in an effort to keep rampant douche-baggery out of Guild. Sure, chain-pulling and “Around the World” and “Aggro-whoring” are fun but not when it’s someone else’s game-time or in-game cash for repairs. With a 5-man group of Guildies, the implicit understanding is that we are gonna mess around a little and have a little fun, but will get the job done (while at the same time making our Healers cringe), who cares if we wipe. Once a PuG enters the picture, however, even just 1, that HAS to change. “But it’s only 1 PuG!” I hear you cry. “Yes, but that PuG has friends…” and we are back to the whole “We are the face of the Guild” thing again…

 This dovetails nicely with Azareel’s post about behaviour too. Quite frankly I was more than a little upset at how much flak the PuGs got simply because their /roll randomizer happened to pick really high numbers for ‘em in our Guild ICC-25. Someone shouldn’t get cussed out because they get lucky, I don’t care how badly you wanted a piece of gear. Wanting a piece of gear and getting it are two completely different things, as far as I’m concerned, and no amount of “Geez, I hope “X” drops,” or “Man, I never see “X” drop off this boss,” or “I’ve been wanting “X” forever” will magically get you that piece. I’ve wanted Oxheart for MONTHS and it didn’t drop but what can you do? I’ve seen four people win Ikifur’s Sack of Wonder over me, 3 people win Distant Land, and The Geistlord’s Punishment Sack and Discarded Bag of Entrails, but I’m not gonna complain/ Rolls are king, according to our rules. You don’t get something because you want it, and my behaviour in that regard wasn’t stellar either. Main Tank as Loot Master just isn’t a viable way to run it, as it slows down time between pulls too much.

 Us vs. Them isn’t an acceptable way to play this game. Fundamental attitude shifts amongst Guildies is a MUST. None of this “4900 for ICC10? I don’t think so,” crap, and none of this “If “X” drops it’s mine,” bullshit. None of that “I ain’t carrying no one” or “Goll-ee this shit ain’t fair” stuff. Win it, share, co-operate and grow the fuck up, all of y’all.

One Response to “Us vs. Them – When did THAT happen?”

  1. selenium

    Oh yes, how the healer was cringing. You guys were lucky that she was feeling too crappy to put up a fight. 😛

    Otherwise, I do try to behave, but some people are just too much of a douchebag to handle. And yay! Not guilty of saying any of the things listed at the end, with the exception of wanting a piece of loot, but we all know I kid. I’ve long come to terms with the fact that Blizzard hates me.

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