Dreddnought & Charlton’s Easy Dungeon PuG Rules

Posted On July 21, 2010

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There are a LOT of good DPSers out there in WoW, and this is NOT aimed at them. This is a post aimed at the other guys. That aggro-monkey warlock or shaman, the guy that wants you to chain-pull EVERYTHING even though the Healer only has a 3900GS, and who cannot WAIT to get to the next MoBs.

There’s a certain element of trust that everyone places in everyone in this game. Be it in a 5-man Dungeon, or a 10-man or 25-man Raid, that trust is that everyone will do their jobs and do their jobs right. You trust your Tank to hold aggro, you trust your Healer to keep you alive, and you trust your DPS not to be f*****g idiots.

Sadly, it’s becoming more and more apparent to me the more that I PuG using the LFG system this is not the case. If you chuckle when you read this, odds are you are NOT an idiot DPS. If you’re thinking “This guy’s an a*****e!” when you read this, odds are you ARE the idiot DPS. Sadly, the LFG system has made the incidence of a******s higher as the common attitude is: “I’m never gonna see these people again, wtf should I be nice?” and for the most part this is true, but if you are chaining Heroics, I can almost guarantee you’ll see them again at some point.

Example: Halls of Stone, someone facepulls, we scramble to recover and DO recover, and then as soon as the fight ends, *poof* the Healer is gone. So we re-queue for a Healer and whaddya know? Guess who’s back in our group again? The same healer that left not 45 seconds before…

Yes, we want Dungeons to be fast, yes we want the badges and the loot, yes, we want this to be over with as soon as possible. No one agrees more with this than me. I don’t run Dungeons because I WANT to, I run Dungeons because I HAVE to. For gems for new gear, for Guildies who are fresh 80s and are looking to gear up, and for folk that need an achievement. Believe me, I have nothing to buy with Triumph Badges anymore, folks on either toon. For real. Running Dungeons now is something I will do to get gear for lowbies, get gems and make a little gold, but there’s NOTHING more frustrating than having a perfectly good run spoiled by some impatient DPS who thinks you pull too slow. The worst part: They won’t tell you that you’re pulling too slow, or ask you to pull faster, they’ll just pull and hope you can pull aggro off them in time.

As much as that idiot DPS may be squawking in Guild chat about a Tank that can’t hold aggro when you light up the MoBs BEFORE he gets there, I can almost guarantee the Tank is telling his Guildies your name, your server, and your playing ability too, usually prefaced by “Oh my God, what the f**k is this idiot doing?”

Example: I had a warlock consistently pull before I got there and bitch about dying. I warned him twice to wait for the Tank after he had already done it twice, but he just went ahead and pulled anyways, so I dropped the group mid-pull. This may sound like an asshole move, but if you do something I’ve warned you about twice and I’m tanking, I’ll just go find another group. “WTF Tank, why u leyt me die?” “Because I told you to wait for me to pull, and you didn’t.” /leave group

Example: I had another group of DPS in Forge of Souls one night who were just running around hitting everything. I realized when we pulled the first two mobs and had to scramble to snag one of them when the Ele shammy just lit him up before I was halfway to him, that it was going to go badly. So, to make my life easier I marked targets for the next pull, and what do you know? The 3 DPS are dead, and it’s me and the Healer dealing with “Skull” and “X” and sure as shootin’ the DPS is going off in Party chat: “Why cn’t u hld aggro, Tank? DKs are shiteh Tanks, wtf dn’t u re-roll a Warr? Fkin n00btastic DK,” etc. etc. etc. “Why didn’t Skull die first?” I asked. “wtf shld we use kill order? This is FoS, not ICC! U suck donkey dck, DK!” “Well,” I said, “have fun finding a Tank!” /leave group

Follow Dreddnought and Charlton’s Easy Dungeon PuG Rules and you won’t be the player we talk about in Guild chat.

Dreddnought and Charlton’s Easy Dungeon PuG Rules:

1. You pull it, you Tank it. If you get all Johnny Itchycrotch and run waaay ahead, I’m not saving your ass. If I’m not in combat and you die way out in the middle of the Instance, you can stay dead until we get to you or run back in.

2. NEVER get in front of the Tank. Sounds simple right? Yeah…you’d be surprised at how many times someone face-pulls because they are trying to egg the Tank into pulling another group.

3. Always be sure to be hitting the same target as the Tank. I cannot stress this enough, melee DPS (and Ranged and Caster too). If you hit MY target, it won’t attack you.

4. Watch your threat. Omen isn’t a multi-target Threat meter, it’s Tank Target specific. I can tell when you’re about to pull my target off me, but not another MoB.

5. Let the Tank seal in aggro. When you have a Tank with a 4800GS and DPS with 5500-6000GS the Tank will NEED that extra few seconds to make sure you don’t pull aggro off him. Yes, MoBs die slower because you don’t start right away, but I’d rather take that few extra seconds instead of having people run back.

6. If you have an issue with the Tank, please TELL THE TANK. Honestly, we can take it. Really…we’ve developed thick skins because everything’s our fault. 😛

That’s it really. Not that long a list, and most of it is really common sense, but when’s the last time you got to see that in-game?

If you have any additions or things you think I missed, please add them in comments!

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