And we’re ALMOST back

Posted On May 8, 2010

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It’s been a frustrating few weeks to say the least.

My computer took a HUGE crap and died on me. Turns out it was a Hard Drive failure, but the kind folk at Apple apparently found that I had AppleCare (I don’t remember getting it…lol) and seeing as it’s a manufacturer’s defect, a hard drive malfunction like the one I had, they were nice folk and repaired it for free.

So now that I have a computer again, begins the long road of re-installing WoW. And getting back into raiding and all that fun happy crappy, including Guild Drama. I’m trying to find a Guild that raids on Fridays and Saturdays and is laid back about it. Yes, progression is nice, but I’d much rather game with folk that play the game for fun, not take it uber-serious like a lot of gear-whores on the PvP server that I’m currently on. Anyone out there got a Guild like that, that isn’t averse to taking on an already pretty geared-out Druid? Or Hunter? Or Warlock? All Horde, of course (Tauren Druid, Blood Elf Hunter, Undead Warlock) and all over 5400GS…drop me a PM and let me know.


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