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Posted On March 29, 2010

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Well, it happened. I’m now Guild Raid Leader. Wonderful.

I DO NOT want the job. Raid Leading isn’t my idea of fun. I like participating, and I like downing bosses, but, really, I don’t like leading. I WILL, but only if no one elase wants to.

I have a very different style of Raid Leading. I don’t scream and yell, or rant and rave, I try to explain everything as simply as possible and have fun with it. FOr those that have seen the Tickle FIght vs Freya x3 vid on YouTube before it was pulled, that’s not my style at all. That or the MOAR DOTZ! vid is definitely not me.

Last night is a perfect example. Some feller named Illiadann (Mug’thol) started asking in trade for a Fresh ICC run. Seeing as Dreddnought hadn’t visited this week due to unfortunate circumstances (Healer and DPS had ‘net issues) this left him free on a Friday night. There are enough tanks in Guild now that if we wanted to put together a run for shits and giggles, we could and get the first 4 bosses down at least. Seeing as there are Guildies that still need stuff off them, that’s all well and good, and it’s an easy 8 Frost per week for me to help me get my 2-piece T10 bonus, so what the heck, right? Well, this Illiadann feller simply isn’t geared for it, and as he’s in Vent, we tell him so after he’s been ninja-logged for 5 minutes after wiping on Marrowgar (he was doing less DPS than me and I’m tanking…lol). Who gets lead after the game kicks him (he logged as raid leader)? Me. Well…OK…lol. I mean we all know the fights and whatnot, but I sum-up each fight before we go in, just as a rule of thumb. It’s a refresher for me and an “Oh, yeah! I remember this” for the rest of the group.

If I’m pugging something, come along. You’re in for a raid that’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced!


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