Main Tank vs. Off-Tank

Posted On February 12, 2010

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There are many in the Tanking Fraternity who will think I’m retarded for thinking this, or those that will think I’m a total n00b, but believe it or not, I prefer Off-Tanking to Main-Tanking.

Nothing said here is intended as a shot against Main Tanks, believe me. I Main Tank “older” Raids like Naxxramas and Ulduar a LOT, and on occasion “newer” Raids like ToC and ICC, but I prefer Off-Tanking. Maybe this makes me the exception (I know, I know, “Everyone wants to Main Tank, so you should too, Jimmy!”) but, as I’ve posted before, when people find a good Off-Tank, they want to keep that person around, and despite reports to the contrary, apparently I’m kinda good at Off-Tanking. I may not have been IN the fights but I’ve SEEN the fights and know what I’m supposed to do and when to do it. I guess that’s what you can say about me the most: I know my job and I do it.

But this post isn’t about my abilities and what have you, it’s about my bad habits, and I’ve got a few. Some of these really annoy Main Tanks, and I’m sorry for that, I’m working on it…

The Take Back: I sometimes forget that it’s not just me keeping aggro on something but the Main Tank and possibly (in 25s) the other Off-Tank too, and while the MT is geared for it, I know I am as well, so if a MoB that I’m on changes targets, even without looking at who that MOB is targetting, I’ll Taunt it back. This, of course, means that if the Main Tank taunted off me, there are now 2 Taunts down instead of just one. Not good. But understand my reasoning here, folks. If I lose a target, the chance is good that someone with less HP than me, like, say a clothie, will get face-raped. Yes, we Tanks are geared for the Raids we are running, we are geared to take damage, just as the rest are geared to deal damage, but a MoB on a damage dealer instead of a damage taker is NOT a good thing.

The Extra-MoB Taunt Off, or Moar! Syndrome: Often there will be mass pulls in Raids, where 2-3 MoBs are pulled and 15-20 more come with.  In ICC, these packs of MoBs tend to have around 300K – 1,150K HP and they hit like the truck.  Ask any Tank that’s been on the wrong end for a little too long – they tend to hurt. When I am Off-Tanking I’ll usually grab one add and bring it over to where the Main Tank and other Off Tanks are, but, and this is a bad habit (or so I’ve been told) I’ll tab target until I find the MoB where I have the next highest threat and Taunt that off whichever Tank or non-Tank has it. The way I see it, the Main Tank shouldn’t have ALL the MoBs on him, they should be shared among the Tanks. Kind of a Tank-Lovefest if you will.

Bear Deeps! GOGO!: Only need 1 Tank for a particular fight or it’s not-so-hard-hitting trash? Great! I’ll go DPS! Not Kitteh, but RAWR! I’ve pushed 4K before in Dire Bear form, but my DPS in Kitteh form really sucks, mainly because I don’t have a good rotation. I tend to get a little too enthusiastic at times, and have to be extremely careful not to pull off the Main Tank.

I’m certain that those that run with me will tell you I have a few bad habits, but what’s the deal, blogosphere? Tell me yours!

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