Note to Self: NEVER PuG with XXXXXXXX again…

Posted On February 10, 2010

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Or: I shoulda known better…

This post is brought to you by the Letter: Facepalm and the Number: DURH!

There was a reason I stopped Raiding with certain people. Even places like the Vault of Archavon, which, even with the new Boss, is NOT that hard.

It’s not because they’re bad players themselves, but because they either a) have an inflated sense of self importance, b) can’t lead Raids, c) cut Guildies WAY too much slack, and d) cannot choose PuGs to save their lives. I’m usually one of the PuGs…I’m not saying that they SHOULDN’T choose me, I’m saying that they need to pick better people AROUND me…lol.

I pugged with a former Guildie’s new Guild last night in Vault, and we moved through Archavon, Emalon and Koralon pretty quickly. It’s the new Boss, Toravon, that caused the most issues. Actually, Emalon, with his Overcharged Add, caused some issues too, because apparently her Guildies didn’t know to switch and had to have it called out.  Turns out the Tank I was with had NO idea what he was doing in there, so I was talking him through it in whispers all the while trying to avoid Frozen Orbs and mitigate damage as best I could against his Frost Debuff. Not fun. We didn’t manage to down it and I won’t get a chance to finish it, because knowing the Raid Leader like I do, she’ll just pug another Tank and leave me saved with no real loot to speak of.

*sigh* I need the Black-List Add-On…

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