Moving up the Ranks

Posted On February 9, 2010

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Dreddnought is Ranked #61 on server among Feral Druids! Ponfarr is ranked #152 on server among Marksmanship Hunters! There’s a lot more Druids (2022) than Hunter (1769), but still. I have two toons in the top 12% most geared on server means I SHOULD be able to run almost anything.  Guess what? More often than not the answer to THAT question is “No”…

I know, I know, with all the ranting and raving I do about Gear Score, WTF do I care so much? I dunno. It’s just nice to know I can sorta hang with Odyssey, Void, Threat Moves, Dark Council and Dark Prophecy and some of their respective Bear Tanks are actually on my Friends List. Not that we “chat” all the time, but it’s nice to know if I need a tip I can toss a line out and they’ll answer because they remember my name.  Not because I’m particularly GOOD at Bear!Tanking, but because when we HAVE raided together I’ve done my job, be it as OT or MT in a Naxx-10 or 25 Shits and Giggles run, in Ulduar for the same reason, or in one of the other Instances in-game, like Vault or Obsidian Sanctum.

Personally, I think the rankings on is kinda misleading because it doesn’t account for pug tanks and how they get gear, nor does it account for ACTUAL experience in the different instances.

In any event. Server reset and Raid night tonight. I think it’ll be Ony10, VoA10, OS10 and the Weekly Raid Quest for me. Should be fun, but who am I going to pug it with? Causa Nex? Exercitus Invictus? Munchausen by Proxy? My own Guild? Who knows…

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