PvP vs. PvE or “Am I a GLUTTON for Punishment?”

Posted On February 5, 2010

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I can haz face-raping plox?

Yeah…decided to try some Arenas last night with my good friend Tamiwi. She went on her Warlock, I went on my Tree!Heals.  Results: not so good.

Seeing as I had NO resilience whatsoever, I got repeatedly face-raped while Tamiwi got to DoT everyone up. I know what my role as a “Healer” in these fights is going to be…run around like MAD healing myself and taking aggro from the other Team while Tamiwi sneaks around and locks them down or does her DoT thing…Affliction ‘locks do pwn at PvP as long as they have someone (like a Tree!Heal) to take attention off them so their DoTs can kick in.  Sadly, as I have no PvP gear ATM, it kinda blows for me, but as the weeks go along, and the Raids, I’ll be able to get Stonekeeper Shards which will be turned into Honour Points, and Emblems of Triumph (I have all the Badge gear I could ever buy at this point and can only get more gear by Raiding ICC) which will be used for the same.  I should be able to work up a good PvP set in about 2 weeks, and well before the Arena Season ends. 🙂

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