New Branding, Same Flavor…NOT New Coke!

Posted On February 3, 2010

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No worries, folks.  The name has changed slightly, but it’s still the same blog.  We are also going to try bi-weekly posting. No clue when those days will be (I hate set schedules) but we’ll try to choose specific days to post on instead of a “Whenever I get around to it” kind of thing.  I think posting bi-weekly as well will allow me to switch topics and have one Tree!Heals post and one Bear!Tank post in this Bear!Tree blog.  It seems like it’s the only fair thing to do.  You may also get bonus posts.

I also want to apologise to my regular readers out there (if there are any…I don’t know, none of y’all ever comment!) about the sporadic nature of my upkeep on this blog.  What with work and school kicking in it’s been harder for me to be consistent on this thing, and as much as I want to post on it, the fact of the matter is it should ALWAYS be IRL before WoW.  Because this isn’t a personal blog, you won’t see a lot of non-WoW-related content here, so if there’s a lot going on in my non-WoW related life that keeps me busy, this will fall silent for a bit, but I’ll try to warn youse guys. 🙂

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