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Posted On January 28, 2010

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There’s one major problem that I have with Warcraft.

Actually, it’s not really a problem, truth be told, because I do love almost every aspect of the game, it’s the fact that the game is entirely too social. Either that or I am…

With the inclusion of Ventrilo, there are now voices to the toons, and the game takes on an entirely different aspect. Now there are REAL personalities involved and this is where it gets hard for me. See, I’m the kind of person that has a hard time saying “No” to anyone. I love running Raids and Instances. Honestly, I do. There’s a teeny-tiny problem though: I’m more geared out than about 98% of the folks I run with. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it can be limiting.


I have a WoW-Heroes gear score of 2861 (what that is according to the GearScore add-on I have NO idea) on my Feral Druid Tank and while that’s not nearly as high as a LOT of major Guild Tanks out there, I’m currently the top geared tank in my Guild (Infinite Destruction – Mug’thol). My alt, Ponfarr, has a WoW-Heroes gear score of 2777 which, for a toon I play on once a week, isn’t too shabby.

What this means is that Dreddnought, my Main, and Ponfarr, my Alt, are 5th and 10th most geared in my Guild respectively. As compared to some of the Guilds I run with like Causa Nex, Exercitus Invictus, Legion of Honor, Death From Above, and Popsicles in the Cellar (though I rarely run with them anymore, they have a surplus of Tanks, it seems) I’m pretty well geared out, but some of their Guildies aren’t, which makes it hard to run certain Raids.

The other part is what Raid do I run with who? There are certain givens every week, so if you’re looking for a Tank or Off-Tank, here’s my schedule…lol:

Ony10/25 – Reserved for Causa Nex.
Ever since an old Guildie of mine from Legion (which disbanded, unofficially, 8 months ago) named Manick asked me to Off-Tank it when I was just a fresh 80 and we one-shot it, they’ve been asking me back ever since. It seems, apparently, that I’m their good luck charm for that Raid but ONLY if I Off-Tank. They brought me in as Tree!Heals once and we wiped until I switched to Off-Tank and we downed it on the next attempt.

ToC10/25 – Reserved for Guild.

ICC10 – Free rolls, though there are some I prefer to run with over others.
By that I mean I prefer to run with people that will have fun and aren’t douchebags. A wipe does not mean the group is fail, it means someone (most likely the person complaining) didn’t do their job. I have add-ons that tell me what you did or didn’t do, so I WILL know who fucked up and why you died. Especially if you are in the Penalty Box for being a douchebag in the first place.

VoA10/25 – Free rolls (temporarily suspended).
Now that the new Boss is coming out NEXT week instead of THIS week (Boo!) it will be Guild runs only until we get the new boss down pat and develop an easy to follow strat for PuGs.

The question is, what do I fill the rest of my time with? Uld? Naxx? Who knows?

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