All about timing…

Posted On January 25, 2010

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Knowing when to be where is one of the most important things a Tank can do. Knowing what NOT to do can be just as important as knowing when to be where. Knowing when not to be where something you shouldn’t be doing happens is probably the most important of all.

Best example of this: Fires. Everyone dies to them but they are a completely avoidable death. As a Tank, you are taking a lot of the Melee DPS member’s lives into your hands when you Tank because where you position the Boss has a lot to do with whether or not the Melee DPS will be put in fire.  Conversely, it is Melee DPS’s responsibility to watch their feet for Fires.  If you are fighting a boss on an ORANGE AND YELLOW floor, and Death and Decay is RED, it might NOT be a good idea to drop D&D…fires tend to be ORANGE, YELLOW and RED and dropping an effect that obscures that could be bad for everyone…just a thought.  Yes, you live and die by the DPS charts, I understand that, but flexing your epeen is not nearly as important as downing the boss.  It doesn’t matter if you did 15K DPS.  If you are dead to fires, you can’t do any more damage.  There are only a few places where DPS really counts, and The Vault of Archavon is NOT one of them.

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