Calling all TANKS!

Posted On January 22, 2010

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Nut up or shut up, bitches! WTF you at?

It just seems that there aren’t a lot of Tanks or Healers out there these days on my Server (Mug’thol).

I’m seriously starting to wonder how many Tanks there currently are on my Realm that are ACTIVE players.  I’ll be honest: according to on my Server (Mug’thol) I’m ranked 334 (based SOLELY ON GEAR SCORE).  This may seem a little low for a guy writing a Tank blog, but bear in mind that this list includes DKs of ALL specs, because apparently every DK, no matter if they’re specced Frost, Unholy or Blood, is supposedly a Tank. Take DKs out of the picture and my ranking jumps to 292 which is still low, but better.  But, again, solely based on WoW-Heroes Gear Score, I’m rather low on the Tanking Totem Pole, but I’m active 5-6 nights a week.  This means that my toon gets around, and of course, there are Guilds that prefer my services.

It’s a shame, in some ways, really, because now, instead of just running things I have to pick and choose what days to run what. It becomes an issue of freedom of choice, chore, and turning down REALLY lucrative invites.  There are some Raids I LOVE running, like Onyxia’s Lair, and some I HATE, like Obsidian Sanctum, just as there are groups I LOVE running with and groups I HATE running with.

The upside to a shortage of Tanks and Healers is job security, really. I will always be in demand, with the exception of high end Guilds, like Void, Odyssey, Threat Moves, Infinite Improbability, and a few others.  They, obviously, have their own tanks and thus don’t need my services, but it’s surprising how many Guilds there are out there that don’t have a Tank or Tanks of their own, instead relying on friends in other Guilds and PuGs.  This is a risky proposition at best, especially when you don’t know the Tank in question, or a friend’s availability.  

Seeing as Raids kinda need a Tank to keep MoBs off the DPS and Heals, it’s better to go with the Tank you know.  This is NOT a Prima Donna Tank talking here, it’s just my observations, so grain of salt and all that, but True Fact: Clothies like ‘Locks and Mages don’t last too long with a Boss in their face unless they’re Hellagood kiters.  This all starts with PuGging 5-mans.  Which goes back to a previous post about Instances and what you can learn from them.

In any event, if you DO need a Tank, look me up, tell me what you’re running.  Who knows? I just might be able to help y’all out. 🙂

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