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Posted On January 19, 2010

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Hello all! Dreddnought here.

Just wanted to remind everyone of the most important part of any raid: DO YOUR JOBS! Tanks will tank, DPS will burn bosses, and Healers will heal. Simple, really, but amazing how quickly it goes wrong in PuGs because “That’s not my job, I wasn’t told to do that by the Raid Leader…”

Just finished getting my ToC-25 Achievement (I know, I know, nub-tank…shoulda had it ages ago, why you so slow, etc., etc., etc.) last night and I couldn’t be happier. I didn’t get it the standard way though. I had healed ToC-25 from Val’kyr Twins to Anub last month and completed that part of the achieve, but had never done Beasts, Jaraxxus or Faction Champs. I found that there’s no real difference between 10 and 25, to be honest, just more beasties that hit harder. Sadly this time around we didn’t actually full-clear it. We would have full-cleared it in under 40 minutes too if someone (no names, but let’s say it was a Ranged DPS fuck up) had shot down ice like they were SUPPOSED to. As it was, no one did, so I was yelling in Raid for ice (Nicely…I said “I need some ICE, my drink is getting warm” several times, but apparently no one read it, and was tanking Adds on stone, and couldn’t get them to ice when it was FINALLY shot down until after they borrowed.

In ToC, as anywhere else, this is called “Not the Tank’s Fault (NTF)” and rests solely on the shoulders of the ranged DPS. Shit, everyone in Raid had the achievement (I Wow-Heroes-ed while waiting for the Raid to fill…it took a while) and should have known that we needed ice down, but I guess having 6K-7K DPS was more important than success on Anub…I mean, really, they had ALL been there before, they all knew what to do, so why no one did it is beyond me. So 4 Adds burrowed in Phase 1 beacuse there was no ice. Yes, that went well.

That I was blamed for it (as Off-Tank this happens a LOT) is no real surprise. What WAS a surprise was the Raid Leader being quick to point out that the Hunter flashing the DPS charts for that attempt showing his 6.2K DPS would probably have been smarter had he SHOT DOWN SOME FUCKING ICE! This, of course, made the Hunter Rage-quit, which led to the Mages and Warlocks quitting as well (5 DPS leaving in total) which then prompted a mass exodus of the rest of the folk, so after 38 minutes and 1 wipe on Anub because of someone not doing their job, and I’m only saved until 11AM today.

The lesson in all of this: If everyone does their jobs, then it goes down smooth like ice cold Molson Export. If everyone doesn’t do their jobs, it goes down like warm Labatt Blue.

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