Instances? Why would I run THOSE?

Posted On January 14, 2010

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OK, chuckleheads, listen up, and listen good. I know you hit 80 last weekend on your Tanking toon after getting 45 levels through “Recruit-A-Friend” and Guildies running you through instance after instance because the Guild needed another tank, and with the 245 epics that your BS or LW toon made for you, you are officially ready to Raid the heck outta Icecrown Citadel, but are you really?

Do you know what you need to know? I mean REALLY know?

Heroic grinding is for chumps, right? I mean what are you going to learn in a place like Oculus or AZN or UK or even Gundrak? You got the gear already made for you, so Raiding should be a cinch, right? I mean what is there to tanking anyways? I just gotta run in there and hit something, right?


You are no closer to being ready to Tank anything, let alone ICC-10, even if you got the gear, than a giraffe is to being able to play the piano.  Sorry, but it’s true.  Just like there’s a way to maximize DPS for each and every class, so to, there is a way to tank.  It’s your experience in Dungeons that translates to Raids and can make the difference between an awesome tank, a good tank and a shitty tank.  Don’t believe me? OK then, hit up ICC-10 and see if you can keep the MoBs tied up while the Warlocks and Mages start dropping Rain of Fire and Blizzard. 

I’ll wait.

Oh…one-shotted the clothies and Healers? OK then.

Hmm…well, it’s obviously not YOUR fault that 3 MoBs went straight past you and right at the Warlocks and Mages, right? They just did their usual 7K DPS and the MoBs walked right past you like you weren’t even there…stupid DPS obviously can’t manage aggro.

Here’s a tip: LYC. Learn Your Class. Read. Watch videos. Read forums and participate in chats. Seriously. Do it. It will make you a better tank and your healers will like you more. Not only your healers, but your DPS as well.

Don’t be afraid of Heroics. Seriously. Oculus has long been a hated place for me, but it taught me how to Kite. AZN taught me how to pick up targets on the fly. UK taught me pull management. Oh boy did it ever teach me pull management. Gundrak taught me the importance of cooldowns and placement. Grinding on those for badges for gear can be monotonous, but you’ll learn what you’re doing ond how to do it, believe you me, and your Healers and DPS will thank you for it.

I’m going to share an observation about PuGs: Mug’thol is, I believe, one of the older servers out there. I’m not sure what that means other than this: We seem to be one of the better geared servers out there, and one of the more “professional”. Granted we have our fair share of dicks and ninjas, but on the whole the courteous and knowledgeable players outnumber the dicks and ninjas. If there are any readers out there from the Jubei’thos server, is it REALLY server tradition to NEED on Frozen Orbs? I mean, is there a Frozen Orb shortage on JB’T?

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