Selecting What You Run, or “I would but…” syndrome.

Posted On January 6, 2010

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I’m placed in a rather difficult situation.

Recently our Guild had a few members leave because over the Christmas Holidays (December 18-January 2) we weren’t raiding enough for some people’s taste.  Apparently the fact that we were not still raiding 3 nights a week during the Christmas Holidays upset a few folk.  I can understand why some left, we haven’t really been THAT active recently mainly because everyone’s been scattered to the Four Winds, but now that these individuals left, it creates an unfortunate circumstance. One individual talked a lot of shit about how our Main Tank and his Main Healer girlfriend were pugging a lot of instances with another Guild and going on about how we could expect to see them both jump ship in a week or two. Turns out that they haven’t yet, they were running with friends.  Well, the shit-talker actually left of his own accord to form his own Guild because we weren’t raiding enough for his tastes.

This is an individual that we (myself and a couple others) basically had to teach the game to, from the ground up, once he dinged 80 because he had NO CLUE what to do on his Hunter. I mean, seriously, NO CLUE.  He didn’t know what Aspect of the Viper did, knew nothing of pet management or that his pet had talent points, wasn’t aware of how to put his abilities to use in instances, and had a HORRIBLE spec. Another Hunter in Guild and myself basically walked him through a Marksmanship build, complete with gem instructions and enchants for gear (+20 Agi in every slot and enchant for Agi everywhere) so that he would be able to get accepted to Raids. His DPS went up (all spec) and we carried his ass through so many instances so he could get Triumph Badges for gear it wasn’t even funny. 

Now that he is doing better DPS (4K unbuffed) he has started to think he’s the shit, and was getting upset that we weren’t putting together raids for the specific Raid he wanted to run, which is Trial of the Crusader – 10 man. He refuses to try to pug Raids even though his gear and DPS are both good enough because he’d rather run it in Guild, he says, but everyone knows he’s too lazy to pug one because he doesn’t know the fights and he doesn’t listen. He has repeatedly talked shit about our Main Tank and Healer and our Guild Leader while at the same time doing exactly what he accused them of doing.

He’s actively poaching members from our Guild and a few have left to join him. He has also repeatedly asked me to tank for him because the tanks he recruited for his new Guild are shit poor and he has no one else to really turn to, but the runs that he wants to do are runs we already have set up in Guild, so both our Main Tank and myself are out, as far as those runs are concerned. My problem is that I hate to say “no” to anyone, even if that person has turned out to be a douchebag, so how can I let him down gently? Help me out, folks!

One Response to “Selecting What You Run, or “I would but…” syndrome.”

  1. Jasyla

    I’m not sure why you feel the need to let this person down gently. You shouldn’t let an ungrateful douchebag make you feel bad about saying no.

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