Tanking Terms 101 – A Brief Glossary

Posted On December 30, 2009

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OK, not to sounds drama-queen-ish or bitchy, but there are some things ALL tanks should know, and in ICC25 last night, apparently there are some of you that have NO CLUE.  Not only do you look like a fool, but you make the rest of us look like fools too.  Huntard? No.  Tanktard just doesn’t sound right.

You may have the gear, the right gems, the right enchants, and apparently the right WoW-Heroes score for the Raid (yet ANOTHER reason why WoW-Heroes is the Bane of my existence.  Your Gear Score is most definitely NOT indicative of your ability to play the game) but we pulled in 8 (yes 8) different tanks with the right gear score who had apparently done the fight before but had NO CLUE during the actual boss fight WTF they were doing.  The HP was there, the Dodge, Parry and Block values were there, the Defence Cap was there, but apparently the Intelligence Quotient was NOT.

Seriously? You ask. And I reply: “Yes.  Raid Leader FAIL.”

Here’s the terms ALL TANKS SHOULD KNOW.  If you do NOT know these terms, please learn them before you try to tank ANYTHING because I do NOT need you racking up a repair bill for me.

STACK: Basic concept from Naxx on up.  Some bosses CLEAVE (see definition) and in order to make sure the Main Tank doesn’t get 1-SHOTTED (see definition) the MAIN TANK (see definition) and OFF TANKs (see definition) need to put their toons one on top of the other, so that they look like a blob of however many TANKs (see definition) there are.  This STACKing ensures that the CLEAVE hits all TANKs equally, sharing the damage, so that instead of the MAIN TANK taking 75 000 dmg in one go, each TANK gets an equal portion of the damage.

CLEAVE: A melee swing by a Boss that damages not only its target, but a certain number of designated allies around said target.  If you are not a TANK and you are standing by the TANK and there is a CLEAVE, you will, most likely, die.  GG, Release Spirit, pay Repair Bill.

1-SHOTTED: A nasty habit Bosses have whereby, in one swing, they can kill a toon, usually the TANK, but also any DPS or HEALS that happen to get in their way.

TANK: This is the toon that takes the beating so no one else does.  There are two types of tanks: MAIN TANKS and OFF TANKS.  MAIN: The main dude getting beat.  Usually, but not necesarily, he’s the guy with the most HP, the most Armor, and the most Dodge and/or Parry and/or Block.  OFF: The dude or dudes that will pick up the slack if the MAIN TANK goes down.  Hopefully it’s not a raid killer if the MAIN TANK gets 1-SHOTTED, because the OFF TANKs should all be JUST as geared as the MAIN TANK.

AGGRO: Who has it and can they keep it is HUGELY important.  If your DPS or HEALERS are pulling AGGRO off the MAIN TANK then there’s a problem beacuse once that boss 1-SHOTs whoever pulled AGGRO, the Boss will continue to wreak havoc in the Raid until one of the TANKs re-establishes AGGRO.  Establishing AGGRO is also VITALLY IMPORTANT.  If your DPS lights up the Boss before your MAIN TANK seals in AGGRO, that DPS will most likely be 1-SHOTTED.  MAIN TANKs need to get in there and lock that shit up as soon as possible.

Those are a few of the terms that all TANKs SHOULD know, but for some reason, some don’t…

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