Posted On December 29, 2009

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Really? I mean I KNOW I’m not the worlds greatest Healer, but calling me out for only pulling off 2.6K HPS on Val’kyr Twins (ToC25) is kinda retarded when you don’t know my Healing Style in the same way you don’t know my Tanking Style. Seriously. No one died, and really, Anub’arak is a fight where you do NOT want a lot of healing. And you’re really not one to talk when you’re MM specced (I armoried you, motherfucker, trust me – 2974 WH score? Really?) and only doing 4.5K DPS on Twins. WTF did you get your toon, eBay? There’s not THAT much movement required on Twins (Q & E ftw) and with your gear and spec you should be pulling at  LEAST 6K DPS…I do on Ponfarr and I’m not nearly as geared as you (only 2720).  Do NOT call me out on that shit if your own isn’t wired and don’t tell me that toon is an alt.  Not with THAT gear score. Oh, and my healing style? If you don’t NEED heals, you don’t GET heals. Over-Healing is unavoidable as a Druid, granted, but I REFUSE to indulge in it because it’s not mana-efficient. If you need it, you’ll get it, but not before. Unless you’re a tank. 🙂

In other news, now that my QQ about ToC25 is done (we one-shot it, no one died who wasn’t retarded (like not running from Anub’s spikes) tyvm) I did manage to successfully heal Heroic: Halls of Reflection AND survive the getaway with a random pug. That’s right, a random pug. We had a Paladin Tank (who normally heals it), a DK, a Warlock, a Shaman and a Druid Healer (who normally tanks it) and we one-shot it, first try. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a tree run faster…lol. I also 2 healed an ICC10 rep run (me and a Holy Priest doing 3.7K and 3.4K HPS respectively for trash…I did NOT want to try to 2-Heal Marrowgar…) and Tanked an ICC10 run top to bottom so it’s been a busy week for me, hence no posts about Off-Tanking, but this week, I swear! lol.

This Week: Off-Tanks. What to do when you find a good one.

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