A word on Heroic: Halls of Reflection

Posted On December 22, 2009

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There’s something to be said for an Instance if you can’t finish it without the right group make-up. Seriously. It also says something about the game’s designers where something that’s supposed to be basic like a Dungeon turns out to be this devilishly hard that even hard-core raiders and players are complaining about it. There are some places I will NOT go to voluntarily, and wild horses couldn’t drag me there. I want to avoid that place like the Plague. I got the weapons and the gear I wanted out of there and I don’t ever want to go back, seriously.

The new 5-man Instance, The Halls of Reflection, especially on Heroic, is one of those instances where you sit there and go, “WTF?” I’ve cleared it before on Heroic, a LOT of times, but that was with a VERY specific group make-up and in almost every case it’s been a group with a Druid, 2 Paladins or 2 Death Knights (or 1 of each), a Healer and a Hunter, namely my Hunter.  It’s where I got the Orca Hunter’s Spear, and the other active Hunter in Guild has been killing me getting me to tank it for him in hopes that it will drop almost non-stop for the past 2 weeks. When I got it, the group I was in was a pug group consisting of a1 Paladin Tank, 2 DK Melee DPS, 1 Holy Priest and 1 Hunter (me!). We were averaging approximately 4.5K DPS each and I think that was one of the reason we cleared it. We burned everything down before it could become a problem. I’ve cleared it on Dreddnought too, and every time we’ve done it it’s been with 1 Druid Tank, 1 Paladin Melee DPS, 1 Death Knight Melee DPS, 1 stupidly OP Healer and 1 Hunter.  Last night we tried to clear it with 1 Druid Tank, 1 Druid Healer, 1 Rogue, 1 Hunter and a random pug of whatever class and it could not be done.  There was no CC on the Ranged adds so they were burning the Healer faster than we could burn the other MoBs.  After 4 wipes I had to seriously tell this Hunter: “Bro, I love tanking for you, I REALLY do, but with the group that we currently have, there’s no CC, there’s not enough threat generation, even with me Growling and AoE taunting, for us to be able to keep them off our Healer.

“I know you want that weapon so bad you can taste it, but right now we’re only racking up a repair bill.  I’ll tank it any day of the week, but unless there’s 2 other Plate wearing Melee classes, we don’t have enough AoE taunts and Ground Spells (Death and Decay, Desecration, Consecrate, etc) to pull in all the adds, and my AoE taunt doesn’t have enough range.  Even with Traps down, and me spamming Swipe, the AoE still misses about 4 feet on either side of the alcove, meaning MoBs slip through, but Consecrate and Death and Decay and Desecration cover the entire entrance, meaning it’s that much easier to pick up MoBs as they come in, instead of single targetting and growling at each one (which is what I was forced to do, and Growl has an 8 second cooldown, so imagine how much havoc a MoB can wreak in 8 seconds…yeah…).”

Needless to say, the Hunter wasn’t happy about it, but it saved us all some Gold…LF1M Fearl Tank for Heroic: Halls of Reflection? Yeah, not thanks…

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