WoW-Heroes is the BANE of my existence!

Posted On December 21, 2009

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I hate it and love it at the same time.

It allows me to look at how I’m progressing with regards to the end-game content I’m “able” to run and examine my gear in comparison to others, yet at the same time artificially imposes limits on what I can and cannot do. 

For example: my current WoW-Heroes Gear Score is 2696, but when I’m actually tanking in ICC, my Gear Score is significantly less than that.  I swap out 232 Pants, Boots and a 226 Belt for 226 Pants and 213 Boots and Belt (and soon I’ll be dropping a 232 chest for a 213 chest) and take a -38 hit to my Gear Score (and take a -57 hit to my Gear Score), but it gives me an additional 8K – 10K HP which improves my survivability a goodly chunk.  If I were to log out of WoW wearing my ICC Tank Set and someone went to check my Gear Score on WoW-Heroes, I wouldn’t get invited to group because it would reflect my lower Gear Score which shows me as unable to run ICC because it’s in the yellow for me.  But pop on the higher level gear when I log out and swap it for the lower stuff once I’m in the instance and no one is really the wiser.  It’s not about gear score, it’s about knowing your class and knowing how to play your toon.  I was perfectly fine Tanking end-game content in 226s and I’ll be just fine Tanking ICC in 226s and 213s now.  I know there are some purists who might consider what I do lying and cheating, but when my normal Raiding Tank Set gives me 34.5K HP and my ICC Raiding Tank Set gives me 43.6K HP unbuffed, what do you expect me to wear? EXACTLY! Oh, and a tip: Marrowgar’s Coldflames do FROST DMG, so my Polar Resistance 3-Set that I’m using to Tank ICC for the Ridiculous Stam and Frost Resist, even though it’s designed for Ulduar, works here.  Yes, Gear that was designed for 1 fight and 1 fight only in Ulduar (Hodir) is viable, and even though my Dodge is only 15% (thanks to the “Chill of the Throne” debuff…thanks Blizzard for FUCKING MY CLASS IN THE EAR!) when I have almost 46K HP unbuffed, that’s a good trade-off, I think.

Don’t let WoW-Heroes fool you.  It’s not an indication of ability to play, just of the ability to grind out dungeons.  At least these days it is.

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