My Strategies: The Halls of Reflection

Posted On December 21, 2009

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This is the last of 3 posts on the new 5-man instances.  Not that anyone really needs strategies right now, but I said I was gonna do it, so I’m a doin’ it.  The Halls of Reflection…whoo boy.  This ain’t just a 5-man, it’s a friggin’ mini-raid.  It’s rough on Healers, DPS and Tanks but it’s also A LOT OF FUN! Shit, I can’t heal it and I’m not a terribad healer…Druids are NOT good healers for that place, but we make good Tanks.  At least that’s what the pugs I’ve run it with say. You don’t often get compliments as a Tank, especially not from those on other servers, but with this new LFG thing, you see a LOT more people. It’s cool. 🙂

The Halls of Reflection is a condensed Culling of Stratholme. 10 waves of spirits that pull in groups of 3, 4, 5, 6 and Boss.  There’s a Kill Order too.  Dependent on what MoBs pop for each wave, the overall kill order in order of priority is as follows: Mercenary, Priest, Footman, Mage, Rifleman. The Mercenaries HAVE to be burned first because they have a Silence and Poisons. The Priests heal, so they have to go as well, and the Mages and Riflemen can be cc’d at a distance and dealt with AFTER the Mercs and Priests and Footmen go down.

Now, as for tanking strategy, there are several schools of though.  One is that the Healer stands on the Altar in the middle and the Tank runs around like a hairry assed flea to pick everything up. Not the way I prefer to do it after my first attempt in that place, but apparently REALLY popular on other servers. I have been told numerous times to “STFU u dun knoes whut ur talking about WTF stands inn an alcove ZOMGPWNSSGBBQ autowipe u stoopid nub tank I can’t believe you’re going to make me stand in a corner for this if I get hit no one getz heals friggin’ tard-tank fail” but when we succeed, I hear nothing.  The times that I’ve wiped, I’ve been told “Stfu alcove, fuck alcoves, you put me there, I don’t heal” and the Healer wil deliberately stand ON the altar and wait.  It is to those Healers that I direct a hearty “F-U”.  Those that KNOW what’s going on are usually pretty good at remembering their jobs and more importantly don’t wipe.

Anyways, the strategy is really simple (don’t let the Heals get hit, kill in order of priority) and it’s rinse and repeat.  That’s it and that’s all so far folks.

Later This week: Finding a GOOD Off-Tank and what to do when you find one.

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