My Strategies: The Pit of Saron

Posted On December 18, 2009

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In my previous post I mentioned that I would be covering fight strategies for the new 5-man instances, and this is the second of the three, The Pit of Saron.  Why am I doing this, and what makes you think a Tank can write fight strategies? Easy. I’ve Tanked it, Healed it, Melee and Ranged DPSed it (Bear, Tree, Kitteh and my Hunter, Ponfarr).

The Pit of Saron: First off, this is my FAVORITE of the three new 5-man Instances.  I will run the motherfuckin’ wheels off this thing, baby, then kick the axles and run it some more.  It’s a wide open environment with a LOT of pats, good mob density and enough greens and blues that drop that it can be a profitable run on Regular and Heroic. It’s not going to win any awards for anything, most likely, but it seriously feels like your good old fashioned dungeon should. If you pull right you can one-shot everything, but if your tank fucks up a pull (I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve done it MANY times) you will get pwnt.  There’s also the chance on Heroic that a Battered Hilt will drop, giving you a Legendary item, so it’s not entirely uncommon to spend a long time in there killing mobs and looking for that Hilt.

The Forge Master Garfrost – Lots of good loot off this guy, let me tell you.  Mostly Mail and Plate drop off this guy, but he does drop an AWESOME Healer dagger (a Heals Tree with a dagger? When it’s called The Surgeon’s Needle and gives 39 Crit, 550 SP and (yes, chuckle if you will) 26 Mp5, fuck yeah!).  As a general rule, he should be tanked facing away from the group, and if not facing away from the group, everyone needs to spread out.

Phase 1: The Stackening.  There are 8 adds around Garfrost, and you can’t take them out individually as they activate the boss. Believe me, we tried.  I don’t do the PTR stuff, so when I went in there for the first time, it really WAS for the first time.  So the boss is activated, and if your DPS has even HALF a brain, they will let the adds get to you and the boss and not DPS until you have them all rounded up.  Once this happens, AoE the adds down and get on the Boss. 

Now for The Stackening: Garfrost has a Permafrost Aura that does 400 dmg every 2 seconds and applies a debuff that ticks for 3 seconds and stacks every 2.  This debuff increases Frost dmg taken by 10% per tick.  This means that every 2 seconds, your dmg will go 400, 440, 484, 532, 586, 644, 709, 780, etc. until you get that debuff off you.  How does one do this, you might ask? Easy, Garfrost throws Saronite Boulders at random players that deals 5500 Frost dmg (+ debuff bonus).  If you get out of LoS behind a boulder, the debuff drops and your Healer will thank you for it. This stacking debuff also means that Garfrosts 2 abilities, Forge Frozen Blade and Forge Frozen Mace (200% dmg per strike) get additional damage too.  This ability (the Forge Frozen weapon thingie) and the debuff mean that someone who DOESN’T get behind a boulder for 3 seconds so the debuff drops will get 1-shotted.  Seen it happen to a bubbled Ret Paladin who had 36 stacks of Permafrost on him.  Seriously.  That’s 560% Weapon damage.  He got hit for 22 400 dmg, and seeing as he was already at half health and NOT a tank, e dropped faster than a $12 hooker on Toonie Tuesday.  I can’t heal you through that.  I can’t tank through that either.

Phase 2: Forge Frozen [Insert Weapon Type Here].  When Garfrost gets down to 66% and 33% health, he casts this ability.  After hucking a Saronite Boulder at some lucky party member, Garfrost will run to one of his 2 Forges and cast this ability.  It’s a 5 second cast, so you have a few seconds to get behind a boulder and wait for the Permafrost debuff to drop.  Once Garfrost has done this, he charges back into the fray and the tank will need to snag him and again, face him away from the group.  Along with his fanshy-shpanshy dmg buff, he also casts Chilling Wave which is an AoE attack to all enemies in front of him that looks like a wave of ice spikes tearing up the ground from underneath that does 2000 dmg + debuff.  Again, Permafrost stacks, so get behind Boulders whenever you can.

Rinse, repeat, collect lewtz.

The Terrible Twosome: Ick & Krick – A pink spiky-haired gnome riding a minion.  Nuff said.

Phase 1: Throw Toxic Waste.  Duh.  Don’t stand in these glowing piles of green poo.  It ticks for a little over 4K.  At the same time that he does this, he casts Pustulent Flesh on someone doing 5-10K dmg immediately plus 6K Nature damage every 10 seconds. The cast is easy to see if you’re not totally watching your cooldowns.  Toxic Waste does 4K dmg per tick and it ticks for 4K every 2 seconds for 10 seconds.  DO NOT STAND IN THE POO! The tank will need to keep Ick and Crick moving as he typically drops it in areas of highest player density.

Phase 2: Explosive Barrage.  Crick stops Ick from moving and starts conjuring a large number of bombs (pink bubbles of ouchie!) that will appear beneath someone if they are standing still for 1 or more seconds, with each bubble taking approximately 3 seconds to pop, and doing 6K dmg to all party members within 6 yards.  Solution: RUN AWAY!

Phase 3: Poison Nova. Like Slad’rhan in Gundrak, this is a MASSIVE AoE attack that has a 15 yard range and will 1-shot you unless you are a tank, and even then, if you’re not a tank that’s topped off, you can get 1-shotted.  It has a 15 yard range and does 39K dmg, much like Loken’s Lightning Nova.  Solution: RUN AWAY!

Phase 4: Pursue.  Ick pursues someone for 10 seconds.  He becomes untauntable and moves at 140% speed.  Solution: RUN AWAY!

Lather, rinse and repeat, collect lewtz.

ScourgeMaster Tyrannus: Once you figure out his tricks, this guy is pure easy mode.  Really.  You just HAVE to pay attention to it.  If your DPS is on the ball, it’s easy sauce to get him down for loots.  It’s all rinse and repeat stuff, and easy to execute as long as it’s not 3AM. 🙂

Phase 1: Tank ‘n Spank.  There should be 0 DPS until the tank picks him up because he WILL 1-shot the first person he sees.  Logically, this is your tank, but it’s AMAZING how many people seem to forget this.  Unless you’re a Hunter and can Misdirect, you shouldn’t be hitting Tyrannus when he does his whole spiel thing until your friendly neighbourhood tank has had a chance to pick him up.  During this phase he will cast a spell called “The Overlord’s Brand” on a random party member.  When this happens, any damage done to Tyrannus is ALSO done to Your Friendly Neighbourhood Tank, and any healing done to your Tank is ALSO done to Tyrannus (if he casts it on your Healer).  I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve died due to some DPSers failure to notice he was Branded…*shudder* While all of this is going on, his Drake, Rimefang, will bomb party members, leaving patches of snow on the ground.  Remember where they are! They WILL be important when:…

Phase 2: Run, Forrest! RUN! Tyrannus will cast Forceful Smash, causing 47K to 52K physical damage to his target (hopefully the Tank) right before he Powers Up, as it were.  When he is Empowered by Dark Might he does 200% damage for 10 seconds, meaning he can 1-shot a tank at low health if your healer doesn’t get him up to 100% ASAP. In this phase, which is mercifully short, Tyrannus needs to be kited over the patches of snow that Rimefang dropped in Phase 1.  As long as your Tank doesn’t run onto the snow himself, he’ll be fine.  The Forecful Smash is Physical damage only, so for those of you that were looking at it and going: Geez, we have to have a 50+K HP Tank? The answer is: No, just a Tank that has a good Armor rating to reduce the Physical Damage taken to a manageable level.

Anyhoo, once Tyrannus does his Forceful Smash to the Tank, he will grow in size and after a 2 second pause will charge after the Tank.  The good thing is, there’s no Stun effect with Forceful Smash, so once you hit the ground again after the pushback, you can high-tail it for the nearest patch of ice.  I recommend Tanking Tyrannus with your back to a patch of snow so that when he does Forceful Smash, it’ll knock you over the snow pile, effectively doing your kiting for you.  By the time he gets across the snow patch, his Overcharge will have worn off and you can tank as normal.

Rinse, repeat, collect lewtz.

Next Post: The Halls of Reflection (aka The Bitch-Kitty).

Next Week: Off-Tanking – What to do when you find a GOOD one…

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