My Strategy: The Forge of Souls

Posted On December 16, 2009

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In my previous post I mentioned that I would be covering fight strategies for the new 5-man instances, and this is the first of the three, The Forge of Souls.  Why am I doing this, and what makes you think a Tank can write fight strategies? Easy. I’ve Tanked it, Healed it and DPSed it.

The Forge of Souls:

BronJahm, the Godfather of Souls – Hmmm…this guy drops “Papa’s Brand New Bag” which is a nice 22 slot container for all your goodies and “Papa’s Brand New Knives” which are a good upgrade for you Rogues out there.  He drops a few good leather goodies, as Bronjahm, the Godfather of Souls…yes, someone at Blizzard has a sense of humour. 🙂 Bronjahm has a few of your standard attacks (Melee Swing, Shadow Bolt, etc.) but nothing really special in terms of face rapage, so this is about as detailed as I’m gonna get.

Phase 1: Straight up Tank ‘n Spank with a minor variation.  Once he has been burned to 30% health, Bronjahm will temporarily become immune as he casts “Corrupted Soul” on a player.  This effect is the same as the Warlock’s “Drain Soul” effect, and the affected player should run as far from Bronjahm as possible while the Tank kites him away from the affected player.  This is where group DPS has to be considered.  If the Corrupted Soul shard reaches Bronjahm it will heal him for over 60% of his health and you have to burn him down all over again.  If you have a geared group doing over 4K DPS per toon, just burn him down.  If you have a group with lower DPS, once the Corrupted Soul Shard starts moving towards Bronjahm ALL DPS should be on it so it can’t heal him.  The Tank should continue to kite Bronjahm away from the Shard until it is burned down, then everyone gets back on the Boss.  Rinse and Repeat if necessary.  Once Bronjahm passes 30% health, we enter Phase 2

Phase 2: SOULSTORM! Get up! Get up! In Bronjahm’s FACE! Bronjahm creates a swirling maelstrom that everyone has to be in.  If you are outside the swirling maelstrom, or Feared through it (he casts a single target Fear spell in this phase that lasts approximately 3 seconds.) then you will take approximately 3K dmg every tick for as long as you are outside the Soulstorm.  Tremor Totem helps if there’s a Shammy in group, as well as Berserking for Warrior and Druid Tanks.  Everyone stacks as close together as possible and inside the Soulstorm and voilà, Bronjahm is down, collect lewts.

The Devourer of Souls – Needle Encrusted Scorpion.  That is all.  For serious yo, this dude drops a BAD ASS DPS trinket that, on crit strikes, can up your Armor Penetration by 678 for 10 seconds.

Phase 1: Mirrored Soul – When The Devourer of Souls casts this, ALL DPS MUST STOP because all damage done to The Devourer is also done to the Mirrored Soul.  It’s a REALLY fast way to lose someone. Pets on passive for this one, Warlocks, Mages, Druids and Hunters.  Seriously.  I’ve had groups get raped because some happy idiot figured “Well the light’s not attached to me, so I MUST HIT HIM!” All pets need to be recalled, all dots must remain unrefreshed and for the love of God, let the Tank re-establish aggro when the cast is done.

Phase 2: Unleash Souls – Poof! Ghosties! Run! That is all.

Phase 3: Wailing Souls – This is a 1-shot capable AOE Cone effect in front of the boss.  Stand there, you WILL get pwnt.  Don’t do it.

Other than that, the random mobs are nothing special and can be burnt quickly.

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