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Posted On December 15, 2009

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With the new Patch 3.3 dropping, 3 brand spankin’ new 5-mans, and the new Ice Crown Citadel 10 and 25 man raids there’s a LOT of new content and a LOT of different ways to tank it.  There are 2 completely different fights in The Forge of Souls, 3 completely different fights in The Pit of Saron and 2 different fights in The Halls of Reflection. Don’t even get me started on ICC yet…trust me…I’ll get into that later on.  First, however, we are going to look at Tanking 5-mans and what I love or don’t about them.

There are several different ways to tank.  Some I’m good at, others not so much, some I LOVE, others not so much, and some I HATE, others not so much.  I’m sure that those of you who have tanked for a LOT longer than I have know the “proper” names for different styles of Tanking, but here’s the ones that I know:

Chain-Pulling – This is the fun one.  You have a decently geared Tank and a decently geared Healer and you can pretty much pull non-stop to the first Boss.  It’s a high movement, high speed, full-out burn to the Boss and usually a quick turnaround once you get there.  I prefer to Tank like this when I can, and I’ll usually ask the Healer if it’s OK before I do it.  For some odd reason, the DPS like this kind of pulling.  Guess the idea of getting a Dungeon down and moving on to the next boss and collecting loot is the key, right?

Tank ‘n Spanks – I’m sure you’ve all heard the term “Tank ‘n Spank” used before…that’s the one type of fight I HATE mainly because it’s friggin’ booooooooring.  I mean, seriously, Tank ‘n Spank = Feral Charge (Dire Bear), Faerie Fire (Feral), Growl, Swipe (DireBear), Auto-Attack, Maul (Dire Bear), Swipe (Dire Bear).  Place face on keyboard.  Roll face on keyboard. That’s it, that’s all.  Single Boss fight, no adds to pick up, no poo to get out of = booooooooring.  Ranged DPS and Melee DPS LOVE those kinds of fights, because they can go crazy and try to pull aggro off me.  Unless you’re using Dark Command, Taunt or Death Grip while DPSing (and no one should be, really) you won’t pull aggro off me…seriously.  Unless I’m asleep at the switch, you ain’t gonna.

Kiting – I LOVE these kinds of fights! Seriously. Mainly because they’re challenging to me and sometimes fun.  If I can keep the boss alive long enough, and he/she’s the kind to drop poo, I can try to spell words and stuff.  Immature, I know, but still, with a good healer and smart DPS, you can do all sorts of fun things. I’ve actually been trying to practice with a Fel Reaver in Outlands just to see what kind of trouble I can get into by kiting it to the Alliance base there, but so far no luck…I just need to convince a healer to come with me…and this is one of the ways that kiting CAN be fun: 

 Who woulda thought of kiting a boss into an Alliance capital city? Man I wish things like that were still possible…

Hybrid/High-Movement/4 or More Pull – It’s the combination of Tank ‘n Spank and Kiting that I like the most.  It’s the one that keeps me the most mentally involved and also the one that’s hardest on my Healers.  Have I mentioned how much I love my Healers? ‘Cause I do…Manick, Azareel, Devia, Yaxeka, Nonaime, Sasaku, Traleanna, Cycoikari, I love you ALL! You are all the bomb in my books because you keep me alive through some hard-ass shit…Anyhoo, Hybrid/High-Movement pulls involve multiple targets of different classes, namely Melee and Caster/Ranged MoBs.  That shit is FUN! I get to charge my Secondary (usually marked “X”), aggro the Melee MoBs in between and drag them over to my Primary (usually marked “Skull”).  Those pulls keep me active running back and forth between “Skull” and “X” to make sure my DPS doesn’t pull aggro off me.  Some people say Swipe is fine for that, but it doesn’t generate as much threat as Maul does (and I glyphed so that Maul hits more than one target) or as much damage as Mangle does (and I glyphed so that Mangle, when Berserking is active, hits 3 targets, increasing threat and DPS) so while it’s great for getting MoBs attention, it is possible if you’re spamming Swipe, to lose one to your DPS, if they’re not targeting the same MoB you are.

Next Post: The New 5-Man Strats (like y’all haven’t seen them or done them Forge of Souls, Pit of Saron, Halls of Reflection.

Next Week: Off-Tanking – What to do when you find a GOOD one…

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