For the HORDE! For the Shu’halo!

Posted On December 14, 2009

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Welcome to Dreddnought’s Tank Haven!

This site is dedicated to Feral Druid Tanking in World of Warcraft.  It is NOT meant to serve as a guide, or as a place for people to come for advice, but as a place for me to post my thoughts and experiences on the new content in-game and pass on anything that I might learn as well as post questions that I might have for you, our gentle readers.

Feel free to armory me and look at my spec and even comment on it if you are so inclined.  Just know that I have found a spec that works best for the way I tank and I alone tank.  Every Druid has a different way to tank, and I have a build and a gear set that works best for me. 

My Wow-Heroes score will change every time I log out, dependent on what I’m doing, so it’s not an accurate representation, but let’s just say that when I’m doing ToCs my gear is completely different than when I’m doing ICC.

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